will there be a season 11?

will there be a season 11?

On television even more than elsewhere, not every end is necessarily inevitable. This is not the team Candice Renoir who will say the opposite, she who thought that episode 6 of season 10, broadcast by France 2 this Friday, June 10 at 9:10 p.m., would put an end to the series. “When we shot this burst of episodes, we thought they would be the last, confirms us Cecile Bois, the interpreter of the blundering commander. HASso we all wanted to take advantage of it. It brought us closer. For the last shot together, we all cried. There was the whole artistic and technical team, all the extras. There were a lot of people behind the doors, behind the camera. It was extremely moving…”

A season 11 of Candice Renoir will eventually be shot…

But the idea is already emerging that the adventure, which began in 2013, will continue in the form of 90-minute TV movies. The actress has also been filming the first of them since mid-May, in Corsica, with her eternal sidekick Raphaël Lenglet, alias Antoine. “After almost ten years, we had to renew ourselves, which unitary formats allowcontinues Cécile Bois. The rest is all under consideration.” She did not believe so well to say!

A dramatic twist, indeed, on Thursday, May 19: The Parisian reveals that France Télévisions has decided, against all odds, to order the writing of a season 11 of six 52-minute episodes… exactly the same format as the tenth season. “The idea came when we started working on the first episode of 90 minutes “, explained Anne Holmes, director of programs for France Télévisions, to our colleagues. However, subject to a change of size for the investigator, transferred from Sète … to Marseille.We said to ourselves that by changing the location, with what that implies new relationships, new colleagues and new settings, there was still potential”specified Anne Holmes.

… in the studios of PBLV?

Marseilles… well, well. The choice to transfer Candice Renoir to Marseille is probably not entirely random. Because the detective series is produced by Newen, a company which is also behind the soap opera of France 3 More beautiful life (one of whose actors was recently fired), filmed in Marseilles. However, France Télévisions announced at the beginning of May that this fiction was living its last months on the air and that filming would end next September. The Belle-de-Mai studios will therefore be available very soon. And the public group has undertaken to produce other dramas on site to the tune of 30 million euros, i.e. the annual budget of More beautiful life.

How long will this respite last that the fans did not expect? Only the future will tell. But it’s one more twist in the Candice Renoir adventure, which the heroine did not originally think would be so successful. “The day after the broadcast of the first episodesconfides Cécile Bois, in view of the audience figures [elle avait réuni plus de 4 millions de curieux, ndlr], a screenwriter friend told me: “You know that you take it for ten years?” I burst out laughing when I answered him.: “You’re stupid!” “So who knows if the series of France 2 is not back for another decade?

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