why the intro scene was cut (and it's a shame)

why the intro scene was cut (and it’s a shame)

Jurassic World: The World After could have started very differently, with a prologue that had been revealed to the public … before being cut from the film.

Ecran Large unanimously awarded the prize for worst episode of the saga (and already one of the worst movies of the year) to the awful Jurassic World 3which would almost pass the first Jurassic World for a good movie, and fun Jurassic World 2 for a classic film. In addition to making you want to reassess, again and again, The Lost World: Jurassic Park and Jurassic Park III.

There are reasons to be exasperated by the film directed and co-written by Colin Trevorrow: broken promise of free-roaming dinosaurs ravaging the world, slow and sad return of cult characters, slightly ridiculous new threat, staging crazy soft, new cardboard characters… and this famous prologue, dropped during the promo, and finally cut from the film. While it was much better than the intro currently in theaters.

Why was this prologue cut and why is that a shame?

what is the prologue?

It all started… 65 million years ago, during the Cretaceous. During about three minutes, and therefore without dialogue, it’s a pretty normal day for dinos: walk or fly, eat or be eaten, and fight. At the end, a T-Rex and a Giganotosaurus face off, and the second wins. The prehistoric flashback thus ends on the tyrannosaur on the ground, dead eye, while a damn mosquito lands on him.

The sequel resumes in the modern world, slightly in a mess following Jurassic World 2. The T-Rex is on the loose, and comes to animate a 4DX session in a drive-in. The authorities try to arrest him, and manage to lose sight of him (laughs) in the forest from their helicopters.

Screened at the cinema in the form of a five-minute preview, the prologue of Jurassic World 3 was a promo lever, featured exclusively with the IMAX screenings of Fast & Furious 9in June 2021. It was therefore a strategy to attract the public to theaters after the pandemic, with the argument of a dino aperitif.

In November, it was finally unveiled on the internet as part of the classic promo.

And in June 2022, as announced, he is no longer there in Jurassic World: The World After.

And instead…

why was the prologue cut?

Reminder of the pandemic context: the filming of Jurassic World 3 officially started in February 2020, before being put on hiatus in March, due to Covid. Everything resumed in July, with several slowdowns and readjustments during the summer, and another break of a few weeks in October. Filming officially wrapped in November 2020, after a tunnel of 100 days of complications.

The release date has therefore been postponed. JW3 was originally supposed to be released in June 2021, before being rescheduled one year later, in June 2022.

Post-production began in parallel, to take advantage of these breaks. In November 2021, a year after the official end of filming, Jurassic World: The World After was over. Problem: the famous prologue was broadcast in June 2021, about five months before the film was actually finished.

Jurassic World: The World After: PhotoT-Rex Club

In November 2021 (when the prologue was put online), the decision was then made to cut it. At the house of IGNTrevorrow explained at the time: “Originally we thought it would be in the movie. It’s extremely important to me, as a narrator, because I think dinosaurs are characters, and that’s the origin story of the T- Rex. I wanted to tell it, and Universal was totally open to experimenting, and sharing the finished five minutes as a prologue six months in advance.”.

But the director may have it across the throat. In June 2022, when the film was released, Colin Trevorrow replied on Twitter to a fan, who regretted that the prologue had been cut, in particular because it made it possible to highlight the T-Rex for the grand finale.

“I agree, but making movies is about compromises and hard choices.”

With a vague promise that may hint at a long version, including this prologue?

Note that JW3 is the longest film in the saga, with 2h26 on the clock (against 2h06 for the first Jurassic World and 2h08 for Fallen Kingdom). The longest of the first trilogy is The lost World (2h09).

Jurassic World: The World After: PhotoWhen Universal opens its mouth to tell you “no”

WHY This is a big mistake

Why open the film with a vision of the Cretaceous? Precisely because it had never been done, and Colin Trevorrow explained it to ScreenRant in November 2021: “If you enjoy our movies and if you love dinosaurs enough, I can’t imagine you wouldn’t want to see the Cretaceous. And that’s what I wanted in the end. I also think there’s part of personal enjoyment. When I was a kid, I was a dinosaur fan who wanted to see this world, and now I have the chance to do that. So I took the opportunity.”

The idea makes sense, and the idea is beautiful. If no one believes for a moment that JW3 will be the end of the saga, it is sold as the end of an era. Returning to the past for the first time (the animation with Mr. DNA from Jurassic Park does not count) to see the dinosaurs in their world and time is a nice way to open the conclusion ; and it’s all the prettier that the mosquito plays its small role, to close the loop.

It’s pure fantasy (the Giganotosaurus lived about 30 million years before the T-Rex, so their fight makes no sense, and it is rather a vision-best of the Cretaceous at the bottom), and hard to resist.

Jurassic World: The World After: Prologue PhotoWisdom teeth

Another success: presentation of the post-Fallen Kingdom. Here, it is with a T-Rex chased by the authorities, in the night, until an open-air cinema session which turns into a minor disaster. It’s a smart idea (level 1 mise en abyme) that offers some sensational and irresistible images. It’s visually impactful and neat, not least because it’s shrouded in darkness to play with the light from the movie screen, the car headlights and the chopper spot. In short, it’s cinema, and it works mirrored with the fantastic and also nocturnal intro of Jurassic World 2.

All that has been removed and replaced by an intro in small pieces, with a magnificently anti-spectacular first maritime sequence, and a news as credible as the intro on the telephone of Justice League cinema version.

Jurassic World: The World After: Prologue PhotoMore cinema in one frame than in the whole film

Nevertheless, no need to be Eisenstein to understand this choice to rethink the intro of the film. Since Jurassic World 3 simply decided to zap this rocker in the famous next world, expected after the last images of JW2, a fully assumed ellipse was more effective. The film, released in theaters, is content with a quick BFMTeubé type editing, and does not dwell on any scene of chaos-dino. Everything is repeated and over-explained, and everything is going very well to capture the attention and quickly find the characters – either a start at the antipodes of the prologue of 3 minutes prehistoric and falsely calm.

This is all the more understandable since Colin Trevorrow explained that this cut prologue and the short film Battle at Big Rock take place about a year later Fallen Kingdomwhile the main action of the world after takes place three years later. The film would therefore have accumulated three temporalities, between the Cretaceous, a year later Fallen Kingdomthen a few years later, before starting.

So those amazing first five minutes became a promo short, alongside Battle at Big Rock, designed as such from the outset. But basically, it may be for the best: a little movie light in the intro might have denoted in this tire track named Jurassic World 3.


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