Who is Miss Marvel?  Our reading list to know everything about the new heroine of the MCU

Who is Miss Marvel? Our reading list to know everything about the new heroine of the MCU

Heroines are popular at Marvel. After an excellent series devoted to Wanda and while waiting for She Hulk, Echo, Agatha House of Harkness or even Ironheart, Miss Marvel is coming to our screens.

Captain Marvel, you know. An overpowered character, capable of standing up to a Thanos boosted with infinity gems, Carol Danvers has become in the space of a few films one of the pillars of the MCU. But do you know Miss Marvel? If you’re not a comic book reader, chances are you’ve heard of this heroine.

Miss Marvel is, however, an extremely important character in the history of Marvel, and this, in more ways than one. Created very recently (its first appearance dates back to 2013), Miss Marvel is the first character of the Muslim faith to have its own series. And one of the few to be portrayed in a positive way. He is also a relatively young character at the start (about 16 years old), whose concerns are far removed from the super heroic canon, and closer to the reality of everyday adolescent life.

Since yesterday, Miss Marvel joined the Disney+ catalog with its own series. On this occasion, here is a reading list, allowing you to discover what makes this character interesting.

For further

Iman Vellani as Kamala Khan in Miss Marvel.  // Source: Marvel/Disney+

In order to discover this new series and the entire MCU universe (Wanda Vision, Hawkeye, Loki, etc…), all you need is a subscription to Disney+. You can either opt for a monthly subscription, billed at 8.99 euros, or choose an annual subscription at 89.90 euros which allows you to save two months, and will allow you to access the D-day to the new series of the MCU , as she hulkSecret Invasion or Ironheart.

Who is Kamala Khan, the new Miss Marvel?

Kamala Khan, also known as Miss Marvel, appeared for the first time in 2013. Coming from a Pakistani Muslim family, living in the pleasant town of Jersey City, Kamala is an extremely interesting character, who away from the image that we usually have of Marvel superheroes.

No tragic event precedes her destiny (no deceased parental figure, no accident or childhood trauma, no remarkable ancestry), which makes her a rather positive figure compared to an Iron Man, a Spider-Man or a Daredevil for example. It should also be noted that its creators chose not to grant him a sworn enemy, deciding that Kamal was his own enemy. Like all young adults, in fact.

It is now a bracelet that seems to be the source of Kamala’s powers. // Source: Disney+/Marvel

For this MCU iteration of Miss Marvel, Disney has decided to change a few aspects of the character’s origin story. If we are to believe the first trailers, his powers now come from an object (a bracelet), which recalls, for example, Kree technologies or the 10 rings that have already appeared in Shang-Chi, and which should link the character to the cosmic part of the MCU (like Captain Marvel).

Then, this modification has a direct impact on his powers and their manifestation. The bodily modifications found in the comics—a metaphor for adolescence and the changes that this entails—give way here to sorts of energetic projections shrouded in purple. The images already released, however, suggest some similarities between these powers, which should not fundamentally change the character and his attributes.

And in the comics? The example Ms.Marvel volume 3 and 4 (2014 and 2016)

When you put your nose in comics, nothing is ever simple. Take the series Ms Marvel, for example. We recommend that you start by reading volumes 3 and 4, and avoid volumes 1 and 2.

Why ? Quite simply because if the series is called Ms. Marvel, its first two volumes actually deal with Captain Marvel (the one from the eponymous film), aka Carol Danvers. Kamala only makes an appearance in volume 3 of the series.

These two volumes mark Kamala’s first appearance as a main character and as a character at all in a Marvel publication. Young lambda girl, fan of superheroes and Captain Marvel in particular, Kamala will come into contact by chance with the teratogenic mist which will reveal her Inhuman nature, as well as her powers. Capable of modifying her physical appearance, lengthening or enlarging her limbs or her entire body, she also benefits from an increased power of regeneration.

2014 marks the first appearance of Ms. Marvel, the first Muslim heroine in a comic book. // Source: Marvel

The discovery of her abilities, and her desire to do good around her will push her to embrace the career of superheroine. This will allow her, among other things, to meet her lifelong idol, and to fight alongside the famous Avengers, whose team she will join for a while. Founding episodes of the character, Ms.Marvel volume 3 and 4 are must-haves if you are interested in the character. Especially since the series seems very largely inspired by the events that are narrated there.

Civil War II (2016) & Generations: Ms. Marvel and Ms. Marvel (2017)

Advise Civil War II is a bit complicated, insofar as it is a large-scale Marvel event. This is a screenplay arc that encompasses almost all of the publications of the moment within a single story, and whose narration is split between the different series. For example, you will find a piece of history in Spider-Man, another in the X-Men, and yet another in the Avengers.

This script arc is, however, interesting for the character of Kamala Khan, insofar as it questions his relationship with Carol Danvers, his lifelong idol, and his mentor since entering superheroic life. In Civil War II, the split between the superheroes revolves around the use of the powers of Ulysses Cain, an Inhuman who can see the future. It is used by Captain Marvel’s faction to track down and arrest suspected criminals (as in Minority Report).

In Civil War II, the rift is consummated between Ms. Marvel and Captain Marvel. // Source: Marvel

Following the abusive arrest of certain heroes, and tragic events that we will avoid mentioning here to avoid any disclosure, Kamala opposes Carol Danvers, marking the end of their relationship, her emancipation and the beginning of her assertion as than heroine.

Released a year later, the one shot Generations: Ms. Marvel and Ms. Marvel signs the reconciliation between the two heroines who bury the hatchet in the face of a threat that is beyond them.

Champions (2016) & Outlawed (2020)

Released in 2016, Champions is a continuation of Civil War II. Disappointed by the Avengers (who have decided to stop helping the little people to focus on global threats) and her lifelong idol, Kamala Khan decides to leave the team to form her own group dedicated to fighting everyday threats. .

To do this, she teams up with Nova, Spider-Man (in his Miles Morales incarnation), Vivian (Vision’s daughter), Amadeus Cho (a new Hulk), and Scott Summers, the Cyclops of the X-Men who was moved to our time from his early years. A team made up of young heroes filled with good will, with extremely positive values, who however do not hesitate to fight alongside the Avengers when the need arises and despite their disagreements.

Team of Champions brings a breath of fresh air to traditional superhero teams. // Source: Marvel

In 2020, Outlawed puts this team back in the spotlight, for a one-shot which puts our heroes in difficulty. Outlawed (hence the title) after the implementation of a law banning underage superheroes, the Champions decide to continue their mission of helping the population, no matter what the consequences.

The Magnificent Ms. Marvel (2019)

With The Magnificent Ms. Marvel, the character of Kamala Khan moves away from the hustle and bustle of the Marvel universe, other teams and great adventures to return to where she comes from: Jersey City. Back in her hometown, she resumes her role as a daily heroine, helping her fellow citizens as best she can. At least, until an alien invasion throws everything into jeopardy, including her role as Ms. Marvel.

Under the pen of Saladin Ahmed, Ms. Marvel makes a welcome homecoming. Over the pages, he reveals a story that draws on the marvelous, and turns out to be much lighter than the character’s previous narrative arcs. He also instills classic themes of the characters such as relationships with the family, which are sometimes complex, and a nice comment on adolescence and the metamorphoses implied by this period.

Kamala Kahn thought she was quiet when she returned to Jersey City… // Source: Marvel

This comic is therefore quite interesting insofar as it replaces the character in its original context. Sublimated by the line of Minkyu Jung, it is ideal for a younger readership, eager to discover a hero who looks like him.

Discover Miss Marvel on Disney+ from June 8

Miss Marvel, is the story of Kamala Khan, a very normal teenager from Jersey City. She divides her daily life between high school (where she gets a little mistreated by the cool kids), her religion, her family (Pakistani and a bit conservative) and her immoderate love for a certain Captain Marvel whose posters literally cover all the walls from his room. Her life will radically change the day she gets her hands on a strange bracelet that will give her extraordinary powers, and allow her to realize her dream: to become a superheroine, and the equal of her idol.

This new series therefore seems set to reveal the origin story of Ms. Marvel, from the discovery of her powers to her metamorphosis into a superheroine. Adopting a lighter tone and aesthetic than previous MCU creations from Disney+, the story that will be told to us here should still address fairly serious themes such as the transition to adulthood, self-acceptance or even pressure. exercised by his relatives.

Miss Marvel // Source: Disney+/Marvel

It will also serve to prepare the ground for the film The Marvelsscheduled for next year, where Kamala will join fellow Captain Marvel, namely Carol Danvers and Monica Rambaud (who acquired her powers during the events of Wanda Vision).

The first episode of Ms.Marvel is already available on Disney+, and you will be able to discover the following over the next few weeks. To be able to watch this series, only one solution: to have a subscription to Disney +. The monthly subscription is offered at 8.99 euros while the annual subscription, which allows you to save two months of subscription, is billed at 89.90 euros.

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