very moved, Zinédine Zidane makes a beautiful statement to Soprano

very moved, Zinédine Zidane makes a beautiful statement to Soprano

From Wednesday June 15, subscribers to the Disney+ platform will be able to discover the series exclusively Soprano: to life, to death, which tells the story of Soprano intertwined with that of his relatives (best friends, brothers and sisters…) who have always supported and accompanied him in the city as on the stage. The longtime companion of a certain Alexia, with whom he had three children, comes back to it in particular on a crazy bet: to fill in 2017 the Stade Vélodrome in Marseille, where he is from, in the manner of Johnny Hallyday before him !

Zinedine Zidane : “My kids love Soprano

On this occasion, another famous Marseillais wanted to make the trip and meet him in the boxes: Zinédine Zidane, who will give him a nice surprise behind the scenes. For Sopranowho also reveals in the doc to have made a suicide attempt, is “something crazy“: “It touched me because it’s proof that he wanted to be there! He didn’t have to“. The footballer, a grandfather recently thanks to his son Enzo, laughs in front of the cameras: “It was mainly me who went out of my way to be there, because he had other things to do! He was singing, his stadium was full! When I found out he was going to be at the Stade Vélodrome, I told myself that we couldn’t miss it. […] I had to see him one day to tell him things: ‘My children adore you so, with us, you exist!“.

Zinédine Zidane and Soprano are both from the northern districts of Marseille

The opportunity for the athlete, who has something in common with the rapper, to praise him: “In the beginning, we are ordinary people. But his story, knowing that he came from the northern districts of Marseille like me… We have desires and when it succeeds we take everyone along! That’s wonderful. His journey gives a lot of hope to all those people who, in quotes, think that it is not possible“. Before lamenting: “Many people are left behind because they are not encouraged, because they are not invited to tell themselves that they have talent, that they have something“.

Zinédine Zidane appears red-eyed in front of the cameras

And if there is a song Soprano which particularly moved Zinedine Zidaneit is Rolled, unveiled in 2016 and written in memory of one of his very close friends, DJ Sya Styles. On October 7, 2017, he sang it on the stage of the Stade Vélodrome in his honor but also that of the wife of his friend Matéo, who died of a medical error. “I have very fond memories of him because he transmits something when he sings. His words… Me, I’m not an artist but I would have liked to sing and transmit what he transmits“, confides the husband of Véronique Zidane. He concludes, his eyes reddened: “We all go through difficult times in life. At the same time, I experienced it, like everyone else. And when we hear someone telling us things [qui nous parlent]of course, it’s good“.

Soprano, to life, to death to discover from June 15 on Disney+.

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