this disturbing scene with an octopus makes PETA react

this disturbing scene with an octopus makes PETA react

Currently streaming on Premium Videoseason 3 of The Boys is also crazy than fans hoped. One of the scenes shows in particular the Fishman in the process of devour an octopus alivehis friend Timothy, under the orders of Homelander. PETA animal rights organization reacted to this footage surprisingly.

The Boys season 3, a sequel as crazy as we hoped

Since June 3, Amazon Prime Video has released the first three episodes of season 3 of The Boys. If the fans were delighted to find the most controversial and crazy superheroes on the planetsome protested to see that the episodes were not not all released at the same time while others were embarrassed by the political turn taken by the satirical series. What do showrunner Eric Kripke react to? Absolutely not ! It’s not like he’s not used to receiving criticism…

Since this Friday, June 10, Prime VidĂ©o has added to its catalog the fourth episode of the series. If it contains many striking scenes, it’s a sequence with the Fishman (from episode 3) which made Internet users react, and not only. A few months before the release of season 3, Chace Crawford, his interpreter, had confided be afraid of never finding a job after the broadcast of the next episodes... Today, we understand that.

After the latter was sexually aroused by octopushe was forced to swallow her alive to prove her loyalty to Homelander. As you probably know, the Fish-Man communicates with all forms of life from the seabed. Regarding this cephalopod invertebrate, his name was Timothy and he was his friend. To affirm his loyalty to the protector, The Deep still decided to eat this poor innocent octopus alive… A new way to piss off animal defense associations? Not really…

Series The Boys awarded by PETA

On the contrary, PETA awarded the Prime Video series for this footage. And for good reason, no living creature was injured during the filming of the scene with the Fish-Man. Eric Kripke digitally created a fake octopus, very well done by the way. The Boys received the award “Tech, Not Terror” for “Technologies, no fear” in French. Something to make PETA proud of:

The real heroes of The Boys work behind the scenes. They create a realistic octopus in computer graphics so that the animals can live in peace. PETA congratulates the series to help viewers see each octopus as an individual, not as an entrance or entertainment.

The satirical series thus proves that it is committed to the fight against defense of animal rights, another reason to applaud him. As a bonus, while season 3 of The Boys is still not revealed in its entirety, Prime Video has decided to officially renew the series for a fourth burst of episodes.

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