Quinté+: Flash Gordon (11) can return to success in Quinté+ on Friday June 10, 2022

The starters of Quinté+ this Friday June 10, 2022.


The forces present

After a disappointing second half of 2021, FLASH GORDON (11) has regained some bite this year. Capable of sharp limit switches, this pupil of Maxime Bézier discovers here a commitment largely within his reach. If he manages to get himself back to the start of the straight, he won’t be far from the truth. Irreproachable and confirmed in such a society, FAREDGIO MENUET (12) can be considered as a solid base by the players of Quinté+. Euphoric at the moment, FORMI (7) and FIRST DU BOIS (2) are slightly up in category with legitimate claims. ZANTE LASER (1) has by far the weakest bank account, but its best performances give it a good theoretical chance. Uncomfortable in the Vichyssois turn last Tuesday, FALCO BERRY (6) should show a completely different face this time. DIEGO DU HOULET (13) and FILLE DU CHENE (8) seem barred by the main favorites, but can be slipped at the end of the combination.

Olivier Pivain’s prediction

11 12 7 2 1 6 13 8









The starters in detail and the opinion of the pros


Intermittent, this daughter of Maharajah is nevertheless endowed with good potential, as evidenced by her recent success on the small track. On the podium during her two attempts at this course, she can legitimately claim a place.

The reporter’s opinion:

“Zante Laser (1) has been consistent lately. The jumpy start remains its weak point, but it has the potential to compete in such a society. Facing the males, it will still have to benefit from a good running of the race to take up a place. »


After recurring health problems, this hard-working subject is making up for lost time. It has never disappointed on the main track at Vincennes and is clearly behind in terms of earnings. Capable of adopting all tactics, he promises to be dangerous.

Vincent Renault, trainer:

“First du Bois (2) is a rather fragile horse that we have always valued. We did our best to concoct an “easy” program for him. It is maneuverable and can adopt all tactics. The lot is well composed, but it has ample means to shine. »


More confirmed on the reduced tracks, this second advantage of Fabrice Souloy disappointed during his last performance at Meslay-du-Maine. Deprived of margin in such a society, it will only be considered in a broader combination.

The reporter’s opinion:

“After a short break, Vicky Laksmy (3) has just completed a discreet comeback race at Meslay-du-Maine. Even if he has more references on the short courses, this resident of Fabrice Souloy also has the outfit. While he may still lack competition, he’s not totally out of it. »


This 7-year-old gelding has serious means, but displays a disastrous record on the main track of Vincennes (no podium in nine outings on the trot). Even if he will show up barefoot, he may have a lot to do.

Anthony Duperche, trainer and driver:

“The last performance of Futur du Chêne (4) is to be forgotten. It is not too practical in a course and prefers rhythmic events. The big track will not be a concern for him. Everything will be a question of running the race. It should not be banned. »


Long absent from the programs, this resident of Patrick Ploquin now has three courses in her legs. His final performance is encouraging, but probably insufficient to hope for a leading role in such a lot.

Patrick Ploquin, trainer:

“Victim of health problems, Fable de Plessis (5) is gradually returning to his best level after a forced break. I feel it on the rise in the morning. You have to be careful at first, but then she is able to “roll”. She is sharpest when she is at the forefront of the fight. It’s a great race for her. I think it competitive, at least for places. »


Despite a mishap and great difficulty in negotiating the turns, this son of Scipion du Goutier finished in a good deed last Tuesday in Vichy. Once again piloted by Jean-Michel Bazire, it has to set the record straight.

The reporter’s opinion:

“Last Tuesday, Falco Berry (6) did not seem comfortable on the right rope ring of Vichy. Despite this, he left a favorable impression in the background. If his skilful trainer presents him in a close way, it is certainly not to make up the numbers. In pure class, it is one of the first theoretical chances. »


Easy winner on this course on May 7, this follower of the race in the lead returned the cover three weeks later to Cavaillon. He tackles the strongest part this Friday evening, but his current form can prevail. Stop him.

Ludovic Peltier, coach:

“Formi (7) is in top form. In the morning, he shows no signs of fatigue. He is better when he can go forward. The course will not be a problem for him. I leave very confident. »


If it is said to be more comfortable on short routes, this wait-and-see has already taken places on long-term courses. It is better than its music indicates and will present itself in its best configuration. For lovers of outsiders.

Julien Le Mer, coach:

“Fille du Chêne (8) has not been very comfortable lately, which explains her prank. She absolutely needs a hidden path. Even if it has already done well at this course, it remains better at shorter distances. The lot seems well composed. With a favorable course of the race, it can be considered at the end of the combination. »


This representative of Alphone Vanberghen is doing her best, but has no room for maneuver at this level. Facing the males, she will have to benefit from a golden career to hope to grab a place.

Alphonse Vanberghen, coach:

“Last time, Erolina (9) found herself too far in a slow race. She still looks great in training. She needs a hidden course to be able to place her final burst of speed. With a good course of the race, it has its chance for places. »


During her last two outings, this Stéphane Meunier protege has run better than the raw rankings indicate. Nevertheless, it will remain on the road and would have preferred a reduced route. Other protagonists are clearly preferable to him.

Stéphane Meunier, trainer:

“Lately, Evita Madrik (10) hasn’t been the luckiest. Since then, she has done a bit of balneotherapy. She’s not sharp enough for this race. She will have four very light irons under her feet. Before the start, there is better than it at the start of this Quinté+. »


Excessively unlucky on May 6, this formidable finisher then left a favorable impression, a month later, in the Prix Kissa (4th). At the end of a clear journey, he can get everyone to agree.

Maxime Bézier, coach:

“Flash Gordon (11) has drawn a good end to the race recently, after having been clearly down. He must absolutely run hidden, a tactic that carries risks. As the commitment is favourable, I present it closely. He seems to have recovered well. If all goes well, he has his place at the finish. »

Rarely disappointing when presented barefooted four feet, this son of Perlando approaches this meeting in full possession of his faculties. Confirmed on the big track and again associated with Eric Raffin, he has everything to please.

William Bigeon, coach:

“All the last races of Faredgio Menuet (12) are good. He recovered well from his efforts. He regained freshness. He discovers a great commitment. All lights are green. I see him a first chance. »


After two half-hearted attempts, this 9-year-old gelding has just restored its image in Nancy. He faces a stronger party this time, but will benefit from the support of Gabriele Gelormini. At the end of a clear run, it can grab a prize.

Laurent Verva, coach:

“I am very happy with the recent second place of Diego du Houlet (13). Previously, he was not happy at Vincennes, otherwise he could have claimed fifth place. At Vincennes, I prefer it over 2100 meters. In addition, there are 7 years of quality at the start. With an ideal course, it can be considered at the end of the combination. »


Arriving in the squad of Nicolas Jaulneau not long ago, this daughter of Kepler left a favorable impression in the Quinté+ of 27 May. She will not be deferred, but the quality of her commitment attracts attention. For thrill seekers.

Nicolas Jaulneau, trainer:

“Happier, Dolce d’Ebane (14) could have finished closer the last time. She is coming back well. Earnings commitment is favorable, but you have to face the 7 years. I can’t unshoe her, but she’ll be tackled. A place would satisfy me. »


Capable of the best and the worst, this student from Junior Guelpa discovers a golden commitment here, just €1,460 from the ceiling. His form is questionable, but he will come tackled from all four feet. It is as difficult to recommend as it is to eliminate.

The reporter’s opinion:

“Eberton (15) finds a super commitment and has certainly been carefully prepared for this appointment. Capable of moving forward when it is well, it can cause surprise in this Quinté+. »

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