Perpignan-USAP supporters: 5 full buses, carpools and the vista as a bonus for Sunday's match at Stade Montois

Perpignan-USAP supporters: 5 full buses, carpools and the vista as a bonus for Sunday’s match at Stade Montois

As the USAP bus, with the players and their coaches on board, left Aimé-Giral this Friday, June 10, the penyes, for their part, put the finishing touches to their preparations, determined as ever to be heard in the lair of the Stade Montois on Sunday at 5:45 p.m., at the whistle of the meeting between the Yellow and Blacks and the Blood and Gold. “Attention here we are and we’re not going to let go!” promise the Catalans, who have also organized themselves to fulfill their electoral duty, in this 1st round of the legislative elections.

Jean-Marc, Les Barretines “Thanks to the pooling of the efforts of three penyes, we were able to fill 5 buses”

Thursday was hot and tense for Jean-Marc, the president of the penya. Juggling between the listings to be redone as and when withdrawals and new requests for the 4 pack formulas offered to choose from (60 euros per seat by bus round trip + meal taken on the way; 70 euros with a seat weighing ; 75 euros place on the stands or 85 euros in the side stand), it seemed on the verge of implosion. “In fact, I’m a little drunk with these last-minute calls to tell me that, in the end, people who have registered won’t come, some of them on the pretext that they won’t have time to go and vote when all you have to do is ‘to anticipate, he ruminated. It’s already a headache to put in place such a barnum with nearly 300 supporters who are counting on us, if in addition we change our minds at the last moment…”. Then the pressure dropped. And this Friday morning, Jean-Marc Pastoret confirmed, delighted, the departure of an exceptional convoy of 5 full buses, at 8:30 a.m. Sunday June 12 from the Intermarché car park in Cabestany. “This was made possible thanks to the pooling of our penyes, he insists. La Bronca sent me about thirty of its members and for its part Les Farfadets played the game by filling a bus. If the president of the Barretines refuses to bet, for him the victory of the USAP “there is no doubt“. Return to the fold in the night from Sunday to Monday.

Régis Fior, Les Farfadets : “It is a proof of love that we offer to the USAP by moving so many of us on Sunday”

Hush, we must not say it but the Leprechauns, in view of this decisive match for the maintenance of the USAP in the Top 14, have decided to put the package in question atmosphere and Catalan furia. “I have just equipped myself with smoke bombs, in blood and gold colors, with fog horns…warns Régis Fior, president of Les Farfadets if we win, it will be madness, that’s for sure and we will be heard in the stands and on the Landes pitch! But if unfortunately we lose, we will also be there to congratulate them and applaud them for their very honorable career during this season.” Not wishing to bend to the game of predictions – “ It might bring them bad luck,” he argues – he entrusts “it is a proof of love that we offer them by moving so many of us on Sunday evening, which is moreover an election day.

Patrick Aginor, the Bronca : “The penya was bereaved by the sudden death of one of our own at the age of 40 and to whom we dedicate this game”

If there is a party, it may be a bit spoiled for Patrick Aginor and the Bronca supporters. Quite recently, the president of the penya learned of the sudden death of one of his members at the premature age of 40. “He was the divorced father of two young children.. Shaken by this sad news, Patrick’s heart is on the verge of tears. But in remembrance and in homage to the deceased, he decided to “dedicate this game to him” because “whatever the outcome, he would have been proud and happy to attendr…”. Otherwise around thirty of the Bronca will join other blood and gold supporters in the buses chartered by the Barretines. And, at the Stade Montois, will add their voices to theirs.

Vincent Panabieres, Les Trabucayres amb USAP “No bus for us but blood and gold convoys”

The time amplitude scared the president of Trabucayres amb USAP. “Many of us go back to work on Monday morning. So we preferred to organize ourselves into convoys which will go on all weekend long”. Some should leave this Saturday morning, or during the day. Others on Sunday morning. “I think that we will be around 80 penya supporters to have made this choice. This gives us time to go and vote before hitting the road” notes Vincent Panabières.

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