Official: Aurélien Tchouaméni signs for Real Madrid

Official: Aurélien Tchouaméni signs for Real Madrid

The Casa Blanca holds its gifted French. After breaking their teeth in the Kylian Mbappé file, Real Madrid has taken over one of the most coveted players of the summer: Aurélien Tchouaméni. The young French midfielder, on the rise since his arrival at AS Monaco, leaves the Rock for an incredible sum: a fixed transfer of 80 million euros with bonuses that can climb up to 20 million. Note that the Spanish press has been saying in recent days that a special tax, due to Monaco’s tax status in Spain, could still raise the bill, up to 116 million euros. The Habs signed for six years. And that’s a huge blow.

If there was one middle that everyone was fighting over, it was him. Best defensive midfielder in Ligue 1 for two seasons, best French midfielder over the past year, already dominant despite his 22 years, Aurélien Tchouaméni ticked all the boxes of the player not to be missed. Liverpool and Jürgen Klopp made no mistake about it, starting very early contacts with the Frenchman. Paris, delayed by its palace revolution, tried to change the course of history but it came too late. Because, quickly, the evidence for Tchouaméni was called Madrid.


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“With Tchouaméni, Real is winning its youth bet”

The opportunity was too good

Versatile, mature, powerful, technical and capable of decisive gestures, the Frenchman arrives with a huge card to play in the Madrid environment where the Casemiro – Kroos – Modric trio continues to reign but still seeks to breathe. His ability to shine as a sentry seems to predestine him to the Brazilian’s succession in front of the defense. But his attacking attributes may also offer him a chance at a torchbearer position where the German has appeared more borrowed this season.

This tantalizing versatility therefore pushed Real to advance their pawns very early in the season, aware of the footballer’s potential and seduced by the man’s maturity. Carlo Ancelotti thus picked up his phone to push him a little further towards Madrid while the Frenchman was dreaming of a foreigner. It is now done. If the cost of the transfer looks like a heavy burden, the sporting opportunity was too good.

In Madrid, Tchouaméni will find another tricolor midfielder to reign in the future: Eduardo Camavinga. With Federico Valverde, Real’s trio for the coming years seems to be taking shape a little more clearly. In his new role, the neo-Madrilenian will be keen to continue to take the steps, to the point of succeeding in a bet that no longer seems so foolish: landing in Qatar in the shoes of a holder with the Blues. When you know the guy and his rise in recent months…

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