"Le Big Show", Jarry's program on France 2 of which you are the heroes

“Le Big Show”, Jarry’s program on France 2 of which you are the heroes

“When I left my shows, people asked me: ‘When are we going to have shows that talk about us?’ “says Jarry. The comedian gives them an answer this Saturday, at 9:10 p.m., on France 2 with The BigShow – “we didn’t call it ‘The Big Show’ because it makes you want to do a lot less”. Mr. and Mrs. Everyone are the heroes of this adaptation of a successful British concept, for the time of a surprise, a hidden camera or a happening. The result is a mixture of All in Onewithout the sentimentality, and Don’t forget your toothbrushminus the cynicism.

On the menu of the first episode, among other things: a moving reunion, a funny karaoke with Amir or the tasty trick played on a lady who, invited by a friend to a starred restaurant, has no idea that she is actually tasting… dishes retrieved from his freezer.

“Having fun together, all generations combined”

“Incredible”, “full of emotions”, “completely crazy”… The channel was happy to bring together in a commercial these opinions of the public gleaned during filming at the Marigny Theater, as certain cinema distributors do when they leave theaters to promote films with the potential for great popular success. “After three minutes, people understood that we were there for them, that we wanted to have fun together, all generations combined,” says Jarry. The master of ceremonies gives of his person and does not see himself as a classic presenter: “I don’t want to be the host who arrives with cards. Stand-up is part of my DNA. »

“Only he could present this show,” said Alexandre Redde-Amiel, director of entertainment and games at France Télévisions, who applauded his new recruit for his “authenticity and generosity” coupled with his “d ‘comedian and entertainer’. “There is a perfect balance between the incarnation and the concept, supports the producer Anthony Meunier. Jarry has creativity, he never stops. »

“I found in this project everything I liked when I watched television as a child”, assures the first interested party who was marked by Jacques Martin in The school of fans. “He was happy to be with kids, nothing was written”, underlines the one who does not hesitate to exploit his sense of improvisation.

“Let the show breathe as we breathe in life”

Faced with the men and women he brings on stage, he is sometimes teasing but never unkind. When the atmosphere turns marshmallow, he rebalances the atmosphere with a slightly acid valve and, conversely, when mockery comes to the fore, he brings back benevolence to shield.

He wants his big show unifying, representative of the diversity of French society, and strives to “highlight what works rather than what is debating”. “I laugh with people but not at their expense. I have been too hurt in my life about my effeminate side to go today and make fun of someone on these aspects, ”adds Jarry, aware that entertainment is serious business. His wish is “that the show breathes as we breathe in life. In the morning, we get up, we are happy. In the afternoon, we learn bad news. In the evening, we live a magnificent moment. ” An entire program.

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