Lacoste launches its NFTs to conquer the web3

Lacoste launches its NFTs to conquer the web3

For almost a century, the Lacoste brand has been innovating and revolutionizing the world of fashion and sport. When he created the very first polo shirt in 1933, René Lacoste probably had no idea that his crocodile would enjoy such a career. Indeed, crossing space and time, the mascot has since proven that it knows how to bring environments together and mix cultures. An adventure that today finds its natural extension on the blockchain with the first official collection of NFTs stamped Lacoste.

Le Journal du Coin offers you this promotional article in collaboration with Lacoste.

Follow the shore to the digital realm of crocodiles and style

As innovation has always been in croc’s blood, last month we saw the brand’s first foray into digital shores with the launch of a pixelated collaboration between Lacoste and Minecraft. This was followed by numerous events within an immersive universe tailored to the colors of the brand. Of course, it was more than predictable that Lacoste would not stop there.

The Lacoste brand launches its first NFT collection

The crocodile brand is launching today UNDW3. An experience in the world of clothing creation based on NFTs generated on the Ethereum blockchain. This is to open the doors of the company to all those who aspire to take an active place in the kingdom of the crocodile. The owners of the famous digital sesames will thus be part of a veritable web3 revolution intended to create a unique bond between members of the community and the brand.

Outstanding Lacoste NFTs for a collaborative creation space

Indeed, the collectors who will join the emblematic French brand this Thursday will embark on an experience that will eventually make them experience fashion in a collaborative and completely new way. By acquiring one of valuable NFTsthey will have access to a pioneering ecosystem of digital as well as physical advantages linked to the exclusive Lacoste universe.

If you are not a whale, you can become a crocodile by joining the prestigious Lacoste family and taking part in the UNDW3 digital experience. This means having direct access to the brand’s next web3 experiences. But also and above all get exclusive access to partner brand events and product drops. Be a stakeholder and co-create the brand’s next digital and physical activations in web3 by participating in the dedicated Discord server and taking part in Lacoste’s creative decisions through voting.

Sport and NFT are often associated by brands and fashion designers.  With this collection, Lacoste intends to surf on the blockchain and cryptos trend.
The NFT phenomenon has invaded art, sports and fashion

From today, you can register for the raffle on to claim to be part of the UNDW3 experience. An opportunity for collectors who are sure to go hunting a digital trophy for the best effect in the image of the brand. But also and above all, the promise of being part of the crocodile family well beyond simple acquisition since once the UNDW3 experience has passed, holding your nft will allow you to participate alongside the Lacoste creative team, and this in a decentralized way.

By joining the croco community, you will be able to participate concretely by voting in this unique experience which makes the link in an unprecedented way between fashion, NFT, and more broadly web3. To be the first to know the sequence of events, nothing could be simpler, just connect to discord server. Join the Crocodile, Underwater!

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