Jean-Marie Bigard confides in his extreme relationship with alcohol (VIDEO)

Jean-Marie Bigard confides in his extreme relationship with alcohol (VIDEO)

Fond of the small pleasures of life, comedian Jean-Marie Bigard has sometimes abused alcohol. In the show At Jordan’she looks back on a past marked by some memorable excesses, which had consequences on his health.

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Jean Marie Bigard don’t try to be conventional. This is why it crystallizes both hatred and passion. The 68-year-old comedian has a loyal following, but he also drags his share of detractors who consider his humor too schoolboy and his positions too extreme. For his part, he tries to continue his merry way according to his rules. guest on the show At Jordan’s, he evoked a part of his career. The showman, for example, confided in his enormous past income linked to his shows and DVD sales. He also issued some criticisms of the show Big heads, he who ended up being shunned by RTL. On a more personal level, he has not been reluctant to retrace his troubled past either. And in particular his relationship to drink. “In ten years, I stopped strong alcohols. Farewell to Ricard and Whisky. Or once in a while, for an exceptional evening”says the person concerned.

Jean-Marie Bigard absolute fan of wine

Only wine now finds favor in his eyes. He is also associated with winegrowers from the Pays d’Oc to place their bottles in Parisian restaurants. “To me, it makes sense to keep people drinking wine, obviously sparingly”, he explains. But concerning his slight shift towards alcoholism, a few years old, he admits having given in easily. “The taste of wine in my mouth is sumptuous”, summarizes Jean-Marie Bigard. However, by dint of drinking, he experienced serious health problems. This does not prevent him from declaring to Jordan De Luxe, with a form of detachment: “I was between life and death in the American hospital. Do you know that there is room service? A guy with a little cardigan. And I was ordering my bottle of wine. It happened to me, barely after drinking two small glasses of wine to throw them up in the toilet”.

“We were drinking a bottle of whiskey together”

In order to better understand the quantities he ingested, the facilitator asks him for a precise figure. The comedian replies: “There was a time when I had a good rhythm. On the Gérard Depardieu scale, I was 8. I drank four or five bottles of wine a day. Laughing, without ever being drunk, huh! I don’t don’t want to praise my blood alcohol records, but about fifteen years ago, with a friend, when we went out to a place to dance, we drank a bottle of whiskey together, leaving fresh as a roach. I was quite fond of it”. Jean-Marie Bigard concludes, however, that until his thirties, he was very far from these excesses. A good level handball player (he played in National 2, editor’s note), he was content with a post-match drink. “I have once almost normal”he notes in the end, recalling however obviously that he is not in favor of alcohol and the dangers it can represent.

The entire show At Jordan’s with Jean-Marie Bigard can be discovered on Tele-Leisure this week-end.

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