François (Koh-Lanta) reveals why he preferred to vote against Olga rather than against Jean-Charles

François (Koh-Lanta) reveals why he preferred to vote against Olga rather than against Jean-Charles

In a series of questions and answers published on his Instagram account, François explained to his subscribers why he had chosen to eliminate Olga, injured in her ankle, rather than Jean-Charles.

The identity of the five candidates who will take part in the final of Koh Lanta is now known. François, Ambre, Jean-Charles, Bastien and Géraldine qualified for the orientation test. The famous cursed totem will change the rules of this crucial stage in TF1’s survival game and for the first time in its history, not three, but four candidates will take their places on the posts. Olga, she failed in the most cruel place of the adventure. The dancer, who injured her ankle after the immunity test, was the victim of the votes of the white team. Questioned by Denis Brogniart during his traditional debriefing of the episode, she explained why she had not sought to form an alliance with Jean-Charles and Géraldine.

François talks about his vote on the board in the latest episode of Koh Lanta : “It’s a choice by elimination.

François, who is now one of the big favorites in the game, also returned to the episode broadcast on TF1 on Tuesday June 7 during an exchange with his fans. He was notably questioned by his subscribers on the reasons why he had chosen to eliminate Olga, yet injured in the ankle and less likely to perform in the orientation test. “Because it’s not a strategic vote but an affective one”first explained the Hérault firefighter. I didn’t want to vote against a red… It’s a choice by elimination. Olga was a deserving adventurer like all those present at this point in the game”, he then pointed out.

Olga eliminated from Koh Lanta : “If we only take the merit, it was Jean-Charles, who was to be targeted”according to Francis

This question definitely intrigued his subscribers, since a surfer then asked him why he had voted against the Moulin Rouge dancer rather than against Jean-Charles. “It’s true that if we only take the merit, it was Jean-Charles, who was to be targeted. But it was the human being who took over in my decision as from the beginning…”, he justified himself. Moreover, the firefighter stressed that this elimination had saddened him. “To see one of us go and especially at this stage is heartbreaking because we know what it took to get there… I would have been sad to see any of us go. between us”he thus regretted.

Olga regretted that Francis and his allies did not give her a chance

In the interview she gave us, Olga deplored that Francis and his allies voted against her, but she considered this choice to be inexorable. “I didn’t expect them to save me, I didn’t even have any doubts. It’s sad but I couldn’t have convinced them”, she had noted, fatalistic. She had regretted in passing that they had not chosen him “take a chance” when she was ready in her head to “go until the end”.

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