Classification Rally Vosges Grand Est 2022


Dominated by Quentin Giordano since this morning, Yoann Bonato regains 1s1 from the leader and remains in contact with the VW driver at the end of this first day. More messy in this lap, the championship leader still retains a 5s3 lead.

Author of a very complicated morning, Nicolas Ciamin corrected the situation this afternoon, even signing a scratch in this fourth special. Thanks to this best time, the Hyundai driver is 8s5 behind William Wagner, provisional third with his VW.

For fifth place, the fight is still between the Citroën C3 Rally2 of Hugo Margaillan and Quentin Gilbert, now separated by three seconds. Still handicapped by engine cuts on his Fiesta, Adrien Fourmaux is still seventh this evening.

If the classification will not change by tomorrow morning, the competitors will still go through special n°5 but without timing. In this super-special drawn on car parks, spectators will still be able to admire the cars while each competitor will be able to use tires outside the quota provided for this event.

Eighth in the scratch in the middle of the Rally2, Cédric Robert dominates the FRGT group and the 2WD championship.

In the Stellantis Rally Cup, Léo Rossel continues to dominate, more than twenty seconds ahead of Terence Callea.

In the FRallyNat group, Jean-Nicolas Hot maintains a good margin over Ludovic Godard, leader in F214.

In the FRC5 group, the two leading Clio RC5s went off the road in this same special with Maxime Braesch and Yoan Corberand. 35th provisional scratch, Patrice Cordier took control of the category.



Q. Giordano
“I went to lean on a boot and made another mistake. The main thing is to still be there. I’m not doing a good last special but it’s ok.
N. Ciamin
“We went back with the settings with the team. It’s not the perf configuration but I’m confident with it and it allows me to attack. We will try to get back on the podium tomorrow.”
“In this one, which is quite clean, we’re not too far from the others, while in the other, we can’t do anything.”
“I have the same rhythm as before. We enjoy ourselves, the rally is difficult. With the pace he (Giordano) is showing, I can’t keep up with him without taking risks.”
“I have the same problem, it continued in the stage. It’s like that. We did a good special, we applied ourselves but we can’t do anything more with this problem. Hopefully tomorrow will be a good day.”
Q. Gilbert
“I did a good stage, I attacked with 2-3 small errors. I thought it would be better than that honestly. Tomorrow, it will be better normally.”
“This one is beautiful, it is less tricky than the first. We have fun, it’s good.”
W. Wagner
“We had fun, it’s still not enough to play in front. But we come in 3rd tonight so it’s a great day.”
L. Rossel “We had fun today and the times are there. I try to keep a margin of safety. We will see tomorrow.”

NEXT SPECIAL: SS6- Corcieux (20.39 km) from 08:18 (Saturday June 11, 2022)

Classification SS4 / After SS4 (14.12 km)

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