Your bitcoins on an anonymous Mastercard - the revolutionary idea of ​​Edge

Your bitcoins on an anonymous Mastercard – the revolutionary idea of ​​Edge

The payment war rages on – The arrival of cryptocurrencies in the financial landscape has triggered a cold war between payment systems. Banks, specialized companies and card issuers of all kinds are sharpening their weapons in the shadow of a supposedly sluggish market. And lately, it must be recognized that the American company Mastercard stands out in multiplying announcements and partnerships. Head to San Diego, California to discover the latest: edge.

The start-up that wants to give financial power back to the people

The start-up Edge – founded in 2014 – is based in San Diego, California. On its website, it explains that its mission is ” digital sovereignty for all ». Their ambition is thus to:

“Giving individuals the tools to control their own private keys and transaction information to lead them to greater financial security. And this, everywhere and for everyone. »

During the great American crypto event “ Consensus 2022 » in Austin, officials from the company said they are bringing to market a Mastercard payment card “ anonymous » not requiring KYC. KYC ? That’s to say ” know your customer » in French or Know Your Customer in English. This is a relatively advanced control of your identify. Typically this is a photo of your ID or passport with a selfie to compare the two.

A new anonymous crypto payment card on the market

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With a Mastercard payment card accessible without KYC

All you have to do is download the platform application, then create an account. Then you will have free access to a virtual Mastercard. The company states that:

“There is no name or address associated with your Edge Mastercard. This makes transactions totally private when your card is used. We thus protect your privacy while complying with the requirements of issuers, card associations, regulations, local, federal and international laws. »

If the user decides to order a physical card, it will cost him $20. The card has a daily payment limit of $1,000. She accepts the cryptocurrencies following: Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, Dogecoin, Litecoin and Dash. The card also works on major current payment systems such as Google Pay, Samsung Pay or Apple Pay. Finally, note that the issuance of the card is made in partnership with the Patriot Bank, based in Stamford, Connecticut.

True innovation or effect ofbargain ? The fact is that since the announcement, Mastercard’s communication services indicated that this program was in progress. Changes will therefore probably be made. Case to follow.

While waiting to know more, the context economic and media of cryptocurrencies does not get better! After the Terra Luna disasterafter the announcements of regulation more or less severe, it is now a question of a ” raven in crypto. If we don’t – Again – heard of this, I advise you reading our article on this subject.Slander, slander, there will always be something left.” as the saying goes. Of which act.

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