Ashton Kuchter est un surdoué

You think you have high potential, answer in less than two minutes here! Free test to detect high potential

You must have seen it for yourself, there are many different tests on the internets. But here we recommend reliable tests on trusted sites.

Everyone thinks they are gifted

This is how, nowadays, all parents think they have a gifted child, as soon as he has good or bad grades. This is convenient, because both cases can lead to this obviousness for parents. Their sons, or their daughters, can only be ahead of the other poor little children who will follow a normal schooling, with normal friends and girlfriends, and a classic life.

Ashton Kuchter is High Potential

The gifted before have become the High Potentials of today.

Adults also imagine themselves all gifted, or former gifted. It’s pleasant. Moreover, we no longer say gifted but high potential. Even HP or more precisely HPI, for High Intellectual Potential. So be it.

But in the end, in addition to the immediate well-being that it provides to feel HP. How many of them actually passed the test, a test officially intended to detect with certainty an HP person. We ask you, have you taken the test yourself?

And you, do you do this High Potential test?

This time, we suggest you get to the bottom of it. And this, by a free online HP test.

Click here and take the test on this trusted site

Example of questions or riddle that you will have to solve to prove your superior level.

We would give advice on how to succeed, but it would no longer make sense to take the test. Our main advice is therefore to take the test!

The different intellectual tests offered

There are various known intellectuals:

  • the IQ test, for intelligence quotient
  • the high potential test
  • the zebra test
  • gifted test

The IQ test can be quick or thorough. There is also the MENSA IQ test named after an international association of so-called gifted people.

  • And, a bit different, there is the MBTO test. This test is dedicated to your personality. It’s about better understanding your psychology. Psychologists, recruiters and human resources managers often use this Myers Briggs Type Indicator. With the MBTI, the recruiter can define a profile for your personality.

Famous people officially High Potential

To be diagnosed as gifted, you would have to have an IQ greater than or equal to 130. This is the norm a priori. And many famous people in sport or in the cultural world Quentin Tarantino the director is gifted.

Nicole Kidman, the actress is gifted, just like Jodie Foster, Nathalie Portman or Cindy Crawford. The actor David Duchovny revealed by the X-Files series has never hidden being a High Potential person with an IQ well above the average of the population.

We would not have guessed it but Ashton Kutcher is a gifted actor. But isn’t being bad and succeeding a proof of superiority?

So you may be High Potential because you failed the test!

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