who is his companion, Ludovic Watine Arnault?

who is his companion, Ludovic Watine Arnault?

Isabelle Vitari shares a discreet idyll with Ludovic Watine Arnault, the nephew of the famous Bernard Arnaud. (Photo by Kristy Sparrow/Getty Images)

On the poster for the TV movie “The mystery of the majorettes” this Thursday, June 9, 2022, Isabelle Vitari embodies a captain of the gendarmerie. But when she is not in front of the camera, the actress finds the arms of her companion, an e-commerce director who belongs to one of the most prominent families in France, the Arnault family.

Isabelle Vitari is a discreet woman. French actress, screenwriter and director, she is one of the well-known faces of the French small screen, in particular thanks to the role of Karine Becker, one of the characters of “Our dear neighbors” which she interpreted for five years, from 2012 to 2017. Today, the actress has a string of projects in the cinema, on television but also in the theater with her one woman show. If she talks about her career and her projects with pleasure, her confidences about her couple are however extremely rare.

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She shares the life of Ludovic Watine Arnault

For many years, Isabelle Vitari shared the life of Matthias Ven Khache, an actor of Vietnamese and Cambodian origin. Together they had a daughter, Josephine, born in 2005, and separated a few years later. She found love again in the arms of Ludovic Watine Arnault, a discreet man who works as e-commerce director at Christian Dior Couture. The actress had evoked her companion with tenderness in the columns of Télé 7 jours, affirming: “At the beginning, I found it extraordinary, glamorous, sexy, and crazy to see him leave in the morning with his briefcase and his suit. And it helps, when there is a fixed salary“, she added with humor.

This discretion, Ludovic Watine Arnault probably owes it to his famous family. He is indeed the nephew of Bernard Arnault, majority shareholder and chairman and CEO of the luxury group LVMH who was elected the second richest man on the planet in 2021 by the American financial group Bloomberg. Together, they had two children: Paul, born in 2014, and Léo, born in 2017.

A mother very involved in the education of her children

Discreet about her couple, Isabelle Vitari also rarely mentions her children. However, in the columns of Femme Actuelle, she had spoken without taboo of the teenage crisis of her eldest daughter, who greatly inspired her last show. “I thank my daughter very much because when I wrote this show three years ago, she was 13 years old and was in the middle of a teenage crisis. But something of a violence… Horrible. It was especially very unfair because I never had a teenage crisis. So I wrote about what I was going through with her, and I thank her for giving me all this material. With the hell she brought me to life, she owed me one or two sketches! But now it’s over, it’s a love, we weathered the storm.”

On stage, she also talks about her little boys, and the desire she shares with her husband to educate them in feminist values. “I’ve always dreamed of having a son. And now I have two. So I was like, ‘That’s great, I’m going to make perfect men out of them. Even if no one has yet succeeded in creating the prototype of the ideal man, I can do it. ” We wish him a lot of courage!


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