the release of Alain Schmitt confirmed on appeal

the release of Alain Schmitt confirmed on appeal

Accused of domestic violence against Olympic champion Margaux Pinot, judo coach Alain Schmitt was released on Friday by the Paris Court of Appeal. This judgment confirms the judgment delivered at first instance.

Alain Schmitt is released again. The Paris Court of Appeal dismissed this Friday judoka Margaux Pinot, who accused her ex-companion, judo trainer, of domestic violence for acts that occurred in November 2021. The hearing of this appeal trial was held in April. The prosecution had requested a one-year suspended prison sentence against Alain Schmitt, already acquitted at first instance by the Bobigny criminal court.

Very moved after the deliberation, Alain Schmitt should hold a press conference on Monday, June 13.

A highly publicized case

What first appeared as a classic case of domestic violence in a home in Blanc-Mesnil (Seine-Saint-Denis), judged late at night in immediate appearance at the Bobigny court, turned out to be a much more opaque case. than expected, which has taken on unexpected media coverage and societal coloring. In an extremely sensitive time about violence against women, the judicial release of the former member of the France team followed by the publication by Margaux Pinot of a photo of his bruised head in a cry of rage on the social networks, caused a scandal at the end of last year.

For days, the ex-lovers had repeated the trial multiple times by press conferences and TV sets interposed. Sports and political personalities, such as Teddy Riner or Roxana Maracineanu, had publicly supported the 27-year-old young woman, gold medalist at the last Olympic Games with the mixed French team and suddenly propelled into an emblematic victim of unpunished domestic violence. The two protagonists, who each had multiple bruises, offered completely contradictory versions of the events of the night of November 28, 2021.

Argument in the middle of the night

The night of the events, the bronze medalist at the 2013 Worlds (-81 kg) was about to take a plane to Israel. He was leaving to train the Israeli women’s team, a position he said he had taken to leave the Blanc-Mesnil club and thus flee a romantic relationship described as toxic. After a drink with friends, he joined the judoka in her apartment. The couple then argued around 2 a.m.

Alain Schmitt, 38, had denied having dealt the slightest blow to his companion. Margaux Pinot, 28, described for her part a surge of violence.

Following this case, the Israeli judo federation ended its planned collaboration with Alain Schmitt. The latter now trains the men’s and women’s national teams of Bulgaria. As for Margaux Pinot, she won a bronze medal at the European Judo Championships in Sofia, Bulgaria at the end of April.

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