the first opinions on the Toy Story spin-off have fallen

the first opinions on the Toy Story spin-off have fallen

The first spectators of Buzz Lightning, spin-off centered on the adventures of the famous space ranger, have fallen. Has the Pixar bet been raised?

Building on the success of its iconic franchise Toy Story, the Disney-Pixar subsidiary has decided to capitalize a little more on the nostalgic potential of animated toys by means of a spin-off centered on the famous Star Command astronaut. A project eagerly awaited by the fans of the first hour whose promotion will however have suffered some inconvenience. Indeed, Disney reportedly tried to cut a lesbian kiss from the footage, among other things. An attempt at censorship that will have caused a resounding controversy, both among the public and Pixar employees. Exasperated by the methods of Mickey, Pixar and its employees had hastened to write an open letter demanding the restoration of the scene.

The kiss reinstated, the spectators are now supposed to be able to enjoy the film signed by Angus MacLane. Announced for the first time in 2020, the Starman made in Pixar will therefore tell the story of the famous astronaut who inspired the toy that Woody brings back to Earth in the first part of the franchise. A very meta narrative choice which will have had the merit of raising some inquisitive eyebrows, and which the first American spectators were quick to comment on. We have therefore grouped together a few representative tweets of opinions that are, to say the least…composite.

To infinity, and opinions

“Does Buzz Lightyear really deserve to exist? Not really. Is the film very good despite everything? Yup. A return to the SF adventure simultaneously clever, emotional, and visually striking, carried by a majestic soundtrack by Michael Giacchino. Besides, get ready to fall in love with Socks. » Ian Sandwell – Digital Spy

“Socks is ALL THAT MATTERS. I LOVE Socks. Socks is one of the best characters Pixar has ever created. Here is my review of Buzz Lightyear. I’m obsessed. » Perri Nemiroff – Collider

Buzz Lightyear: PhotoSocks, the big winner of this new Pixar

“Pixar’s Buzz Lightyear is awesome and more. An ambitious, exciting, emotional, and funny SF film that is reminiscent of Star Wars or Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. Honestly, the footage relies on a superbly executed narrative. I loved every second. Great Pixar in my opinion. I highly recommend. » Erik Davis – Fandango

“Buzz Lightyear is a great love letter to science fiction and all its imaginative and attractive potential. The film perfectly depicts a world of shimmering aesthetics, and a heroic narrative that is simultaneously exhilarating, immersive, and poignant. Chris Evans delivers a terrific performance and gives Buzz colors that have heart. » Courtney Howard – Variety

Buzz Lightyear: Photo“A success, Ranger?”

“I loved Buzz Lightyear, the footage managed to follow several veins (pure SF, time travel, a loving homage to the Toy Story franchise) successfully without ever feeling like it was pushing too hard. It’s crazy that the result works. For the film to be so effective is a titanic achievement. What an adventure. » Drew Taylor – The Wrap

“Buzz Lightyear is overall fun but too stuck in the past to justify its existence. Chris Evans brings new depth to the character of Buzz, and Socks is a hilarious sidekick. The fast-paced, frenetic action, humor, and character likability are all on point, however, the mediocrity of the narrative bespeaks minimal effort on Pixar’s part. » Matt Neglia – Next Best Picture

“Buzz Lightyear is the first film from Pixar Studios to enjoy a theatrical release since the pandemic, and the first feature that should have only been released on Disney+. » David Ehrlich – IndieWire

Buzz Lightyear: PhotoMay the force be with Buzz

A new film generally well received which, however, shows some more half-hearted returns. If the vast majority of critics agree to emphasize the welcome attention paid to the codes of science fiction, as well as the accuracy that Chris Evans seems to show, some journalists nevertheless denounce a poor narrative and too trapped in its own mythology to really reinvent itself.

Questioning the merits of the need for the footage, an additional entity to add to the multiple components, mini-series, and short films already constituting the franchise, these first returns nevertheless reveal the plastic, emotional, even endearing quality, from which this new adventure benefits. Also note that it may well be that Buzz Lightning either the last film from the studio to have a theatrical release in France, Disney having strongly contested the chronology of the French media by canceling the cinema release of its next original animated film, Avalonia, the strange journey. The space odyssey will therefore be to be discovered, on the big screen, starting June 22.


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