Suicide, assassination … the mysterious death of Mike Brant: a strange phone call a few minutes earlier

Suicide, assassination … the mysterious death of Mike Brant: a strange phone call a few minutes earlier

Died at only 28 years old on April 25, 1975, Mike Brant was found inert on the ground after falling from the sixth floor of a building located rue Erlanger, in the 16th arrondissement of Paris, while he was with his friend Jeanne Cacchi. A few moments later, he would die in the ambulance transporting him to the Ambroise-Paré hospital in Boulogne-Billancourt. If no one knows what really happened on the day of his death, his brother Zvi had entrusted final revelations to the Point about this very mysterious death. If some think of an assassination of the singer, Zvi actually thinks that Mike Brant would have committed suicide. A thesis that may seem probable given that the artist had been diagnosed with depression during a stay in a clinic in Switzerland.

He had defenestrated

All my life I’ve been asked if Mike was murdered or killed himself. I honestly think he committed suicide. No one really knows what happened in the apartment Mike was in the night he died.” he explained. As for his friend Jeanne, with whom Mike spent his last night before his tragic death, she would have made strange statements to Zvi about the circumstances of his death. “She explained to us that Mike was sleeping soundly. She was in the bathroom when she heard the phone ring and Mike pick it up. When she came back to the bedroom, he was gone. She rushed to the balcony and saw that he had thrown himself out of the window… (…) Was his gesture related to the call received? To his depression? No one understood, especially since that day his new title was released Tell him and that, two days earlier, they had agreed with Jean Renard to sign a new contract“indicated the brother of Mike Brant.

In the documentary Mike Brant, the shooting starbroadcast on France 3 in 2021, Zvi also revealed that his brother had been traumatized by a recent stay in Israel, where he had visited wounded soldiers involved in the war between Syria and Egyptian forces in 1973. “I think he had never seen that. This is where he began to be afraid of the public, to be afraid of an attack, to be afraid that something would happen to him. Especially since the Israeli embassy had sent bodyguards from the embassy to protect him and that panicked him.“revealed Zvi Brant.

In addition to suicide, other theories have been put forward such as assassination, a simple accident (Mike Brant might have tripped on the balcony), trafficking in works of art by his professional entourage, a story of spy in connection with the Mossad or even a quarrel with Wajntrob which would have turned into a tragedy. Three years after his death, Wajntrob was also found dead with a bullet in the heart and another in the neck, in the Bois de Boulogne while Alain Krief, Mike Brant’s secretary, committed suicide during the year 1984 by throwing himself under a metro train in Paris. Strange coincidences?

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