Objectifs sportifs, recrutement, bilan de la saison écoulée... les trois points à retenir de la conférence de presse de l

Sporting objectives, recruitment, review of the past season… the three points to remember from the ASM press conference

“Play the Bouclier de Brennus from next season and get a star on the jersey by 2025”

This is the strong announcement of Jean-Michel Guillon. When discussing ASM’s sporting objectives for the coming seasons, the Clermont president did not go overboard: “The objective is to play for the title of champion of France from the season next”, first announced the strong man of the “yellow and blue”. Before exposing a second, concerning the Champions Cup this time. With again a high ambition: “the other objective is to have a star on the shirt by 2025.”

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Seven official arrivals, but “recruitment is not over”

The Clermont leaders took advantage of this press briefing to formalize the arrival of seven players for next season: Jules Plisson (opener, La Rochelle; 30 years old), Anthony Belleau (opener, Toulon; 26 years old), Loic Godener (3rd center line, Stade Français; 26 years old), Irae Simone (centre, Brumbies; 26), Julien Heriteau (center, Toulon; 27 years old), Bautista Delguy (winger, Perpignan; 25), Alex Newsome (center, Waratahs; 27).

Focus on the seven recruits made official by ASM Clermont

“This season and the previous season, we did not always feel this character in the team. The recruitment that has been made is to be able to give back in all lines this character and this experience to the whole team, ”explained Jean-Michel Guillon.

The Clermont president also clarified that it is a “recruitment to date”. In other words, that other arrivals should intervene. “If other opportunities arise, we will study them,” he said. Asemist leaders are particularly interested in the right pillar of Oyonnax Thomas Laclayat.

In addition, Didier Retière, director of sports development Didier Retière and head coach Jono Gibbes recalled the contract extensions of 13 players: Giorgi Beria (pillar), Daniel Bibi Biziwu (pillar), Yohan Beheregaray (hooker), Thibaut Lanen (second line), Sebastien Vahaamahina (second line), Lucas Dessaigne (third line), Killian Tixeront (third line), Gabin Michet (opener), Theo Giral (opener), Marvin O’Connor (winger), Thomas Roziere (winger), Apisai Naqalevu (center), Sheikh Tiberghien (back).

“Not satisfied with the past season”

Four days after the last game of the season, a victory against Montpellier at Michelin (20-15) synonymous with 7th place and qualification for the next Champions Cup, the Clermont leaders were able to take stock of the past financial year. “There is a disappointment with our final ranking, said Jean-Michel Guillon. We are not part of the party that will be organized in the coming weeks. This does not meet our standard. »

A feeling shared by Jono Gibbes. “The result of the season does not satisfy us. We are not looking for excuses. We were solid at home, but we made mistakes away from home which cost us dearly. We finish four points behind 6th place. These points, we had the opportunity to take them in several away games. We are responsible. »

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