Philippe Cimadomo banned from the 24 Hours of Le Mans

Philippe Cimadomo banned from the 24 Hours of Le Mans

What does the regulation say?

In accordance with what is stipulated in article 10.1.1 of the special regulations for the 24 Hours of Le Mans, “ at At the end of free practice and qualifying, on the proposal of the Race Director, the Stewards may prohibit a driver from taking part in the rest of the Competition for safety reasons. If it’s rare that this is carried out, it was done tonight.

🇬🇧 Philippe Cimadomo excluded from the 24 Hours of Le Mans

The marshals summoned (document 64) Philippe Cimadomo and the director of the TDS Racing x Vaillante team and heard the driver. At the same time, they took the advice of the adviser to the commissioners appointed by the FIA, namely the four-time winner of the event Yannick Dalmas.

What is accused of Philippe Cimadomo?

Accused of having caused an accident during EL1 and of having come close to causing a second in this same session at the entrance to the pits, he would not have the adequate level to participate in an event such as the 24 hours of Le Mans.

Still, according to Yannick Dalmas, “ he does not drive according to the standards required to participate safely in the rest of the Event, in particular taking into account the specificity of the Le Mans circuit and the competition, and the specificities of an LMP2 car in this specific situation. »

Philippe Cimadomo, for his part, explained to the Stewards that he had “ already raced in LMP2 cars in ELMS without incident, and that the incidents during FP1 and FP3 represented momentary failures. Furthermore, he said he felt he had gained experience during the practice sessions and was more confident in his ability to compete. »

Despite this, on the recommendation of the race director, for his safety and that of the other competitors, the marshals prohibited Philippe Cimadomo from taking part in the rest of the competition.

The TDS Racing team reassembled, this evening, the Oreca n°13. © MPS Agency

What remedies?

However, TDS Racing x Vaillante has been reminded that this decision of the stewards can be appealed under the International Sporting Code, but that it is not subject to suspensive effect in accordance with art. . 12.3.3.b. of the International Sporting Code. 12.3.3.b.Competitors are reminded that they have the right to appeal certain decisions of the Stewards, in accordance with Article 16.1.6 of the Sporting Regulations of the 24 Hours of Le Mans 2022, in Article 15.1. 5 of the FIA ​​International Sporting Code and Articles 9.1.1 and 10.1 of the FIA ​​Judicial and Disciplinary Regulations, within the applicable deadlines.

What are the consequences for TDS Racing x Vaillante?

It remains to be seen what the consequences will be for TDS Racing x Vaillante? Cimadomo being the gentleman driver finances the participation of Oreca n°13. As a reminder, in LMP2, a crew must be composed of at least one Silver or Bronze driver. And if the French team were to replace him, then the chosen one will have to fulfill various conditions, as follows:

“If the Stewards judge that the failure of a driver is proven, the competitor may make a request to appoint a “replacement” driver, who must reach the College in writing no later than the Friday preceding the race at noon.

A “substitute” pilot must:

  • Have participated in one of the last two editions of the 24 Hours of Le Mans

  • Have taken part in all of one of the last two seasons (or, failing that, at least one Competition of the current season) of one of the following championships: FIA World Endurance Championship, Asian Le Mans Series, European Le Mans Series, WeatherTech Sportscar Championship.

  • Have already driven an LMP1 or an LMP2 in a race to be entered in LMP2

Take part in the Thursday practice (5 laps minimum), preceding the 24 Hours of Le Mans, or in the warm-up (3 laps minimum) if the authorization of the College of Sporting Stewards is notified after the Thursday practice.


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