Test visuel pour trouver l'erreur

Only 3% of Internet users find the error in less than 5 seconds, are you one of the geniuses?

For this new visual challenge, you only have 5 seconds (and not one more) to find the right solution. Time yourself to be sure of the exact time you took to solve this test!

In this image, there is an anomaly that should jump out at you, but will you be able to find it by less than 5 seconds ? Only 3% of French people find the solution in the allotted time.
So, will you be able to find what is wrong with this image? Set the timer, and it’s your turn!

Of course, you will find the answer at the bottom of the article if you did not manage to find the error, or if you want to check if what you saw was indeed the correct answer!

Share this test with your friends and family to find out if they win on time

Don’t hesitate to share this visual speed test with those around you, it’s a good time to spend with friends or family, and it will allow you to see everyone’s times! You will spend a moment laughing and sharing your opinions. Although this test seems simple at first glance, it is actually difficult to complete in the time allowed.

This test won a wave of unanimity on social networks. Indeed, it is very simple. Because he only asks one question. Incredible, right? Try your luck now!
First of all, if we can give you any advice, it’s yours. let your instincts guide you. Do not hesitate to let go for this game. It will be an opportunity to relax and strengthen your brain at the same time, there is no better!

Are there people who manage to find the solution in less than 5 seconds?

Well, yeah ! But only 3% of people who take the test find the answer by less than 5 seconds ! Are you part of it?
In a simple and fun way, this test allows you to determine if you are logical and fast.

But what do those who pass this test do?

All the people who find the right answer quickly show their ability to let go! Indeed, you have to think as little as possible about what the characters are doing in the image, as well as about the colors you see. These are very vivid to draw your gaze to specific places, away from the error that hides in the image.
You have to scan the image with a quick glance, without forgetting the slightest corner. Stay zen and calm, The 3% people who find the solution to this test are also people who do not let themselves be overwhelmed by stress and remain very focused.

If despite this you can’t find the right answer, don’t panic! Maybe it’s a lack of training. In this case, take part in other visual tests, because intellectual and visual skills require work.

Check out the answer to this visual test:

And yes, it was skier in the foreground, who was probably mistaken when preparing his suitcase! Swimming goggles to go skiing is probably not the best idea!
Did you have the correct answer? Congratulations, you are one of the 3% of geniuses who manage to manage their stress and stay quick and logical!
Otherwise, do not hesitate to share this test around you. You will see that it is not so easy to get the right answer, say a person who is in the 97%!

Answer to the skier's visual test

As we explained to you above, the pitfall with this kind of visual test is not to focus on the essentials.
Indeed, the answer was right in front of you from the start, with the skier in the foreground!

Have you tended to seek every detail ? Like for example the number of ski poles that each skier has, or the number of scratches on their boots?
Or have you managed to focus on the important points first?

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