Louise (Top Chef) harassed by Internet users because of her criticism of "canned tuna"

Louise (Top Chef) harassed by Internet users because of her criticism of “canned tuna”

Louise’s remarks on canned tuna, during the semi-final of Top Chef, this Wednesday, June 8, greatly irritated Internet users… who accuse her of being a snob!

Too many remarks! If she has already had to suffer criticism from Internet users, Louise has been able to count until then on her undeniable culinary skills to climb the ladder week after week of this thirteenth season of Top chef on M6. Qualified, therefore, for the semi-final of the competition, just like Arnaud and Sébastien, she had to comply with the challenge launched by the brigadier of Glenn Viel around… fishing and canned tuna! Products that seem to inspire deep disgust in the young woman…

It tastes a bit like cat food…

As much as I like products that are not noble, as much there, this old tuna slammed in the water is crazy… At home, we have never eaten industrial products. My childhood dishes are homemade soup, beef tongue…“, first said Louise Bourrat before starting the test. But the critics didn’t really stop once behind the stove: “The risk of canned tuna is that it tastes a bit like cat food.and then above all theset very dry, it’s bland, it’s not phew“, she launched while cooking. What frankly irritate the viewers in front of their screen…

No but what arrogance

Indeed, denigrating this rather accessible product has earned the cook many criticisms on Twitter: “Louise we don’t all have the means to buy fresh tuna and no it doesn’t taste like cat food“, writes a user, reproaching him for his arrogance. “Ben Louise, how’s the pretentious snobbery? For me, no industrial product…“, “It’s still ironic for someone who talks non-stop about “poor food“to spit on poor people’s cooking“, “No, but what arrogance, many people eat canned tuna. No need to be condescending“, are also annoyed the twittos, who will find Louise next week in the final for their greatest pleasure… or not!

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