Jean-Marie Bigard confides in cash about his fortune (VIDEO)

Jean-Marie Bigard confides in cash about his fortune (VIDEO)

Jean-Marie Bigard knew the disproportionate success and the high life. The comedian confides in the show At Jordan’s what his performances and his participation in Big heads. But he assures that today, his bank account is really no longer in the same state.

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“You are rich ?” It is without any preamble that Jordan De Luxe wanted to address the financial situation of his guest, Jean Marie Bigardin his show At Jordan’s. The 68-year-old comedian, who has been one of the most famous showmen in the country for the past three decades, has been going through a more complicated period for some time. The fault in particular with its sulphurous image in the media and very divisive positions on politics and the health crisis. So, when answering the question, the husband of Lola Marois recognizes: “I was and I am much less so, it must be admitted”. But he mentions another reason why he is much worse off today than when his bank account was exploding: “I tend to be a sieve a bit, he admits. I squandered all the fortune I earned for others, to do good here and there”.

The Stade de France, a daring bet that turned out to be a jackpot

Jean-Marie Bigard is however the man who filled the Stade de France in 2004. A memorable performance, which was a bet at five million euros invested directly from his pocket. He remembers the stakes around this huge meeting, and sums up how he finally got out of it: “I booked it in April to do a rehearsal for one million euros. Plus four million euros. There is no longer a light bulb to rent in Paris. I have two 34-ton screens and 340m2 each. I tripled the electrical power of the stadium. I had 2.3 million in revenue. I therefore had a 2.7 million deficit when I made the Stade de France. I had planned to compensate by DVD sales. I had to sell 400,000 of them. I sold 1.4 million. That’s why I took the luxury of buying myself my Legion of Honor, that I will never be given back”.

Jean-Marie Bigard has earned up to 7 million euros per year!

Among all his activities, the most lucrative has indeed been his shows. The troublemaker has sold eight million DVDs in total. And this economy represented monstrous receipts. “I released my show at the end of November and at the end of December, I had sold 500,000 DVDs. I had seven euros on each DVD. And then, 500,000 DVDs the rest of the year. That means that each show, I earned up to 7 million euros over the year”, explains Jean-Marie Bigard, in front of a dumbfounded Jordan De Luxe. As for his participation in Big headsprogram from which he was ousted to his great regret, last fall, the person concerned confides: “It was about 600 euros per show. If you go twice a week, that’s 1,200. And over four weeks, that’s 4,000 euros.”

The entire show At Jordan’s with Jean-Marie Bigard can be discovered on Tele-Leisure this week-end.

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