How Marseille take on Zidane's likely signing at PSG

How Marseille take on Zidane’s likely signing at PSG

The rumor did not last long. Not because it will not materialize, but because it has become information. It’s not for lack of telling you about it for months: Zinedine Zidane could become the next coach of Paris Saint-Germain. It was enough to walk through the streets of Marseilles, this Friday morning, and listen carefully to understand that this news was spreading rapidly.

What’s next after this ad

Because, yes, in Marseille it is a lot of talk. Admittedly, Zidane has never put on the OM jersey, but you have to be in bad faith to argue that the former number 10 of the Blues is not intimately linked to his city of birth, as evidenced by his Z5 or even his face, for an adidas ad, which was on the Corniche, probably the most touristy corner of Marseille. Passing in front of the Oasis, a famous café-bar in front of the Vélodrome, all you had to do was listen for a few moments to understand the discussion.

I wish him the biggest bronca of his career. »

It’s treachery, nothing more. Zidane is the emblem, the pride of Marseille. We seriously thought the money couldn’t get him signed in Paris. And finally, he’s like the others, we were wrong “says Enzo, subscriber to the south bend. One thing seems to be expected, the date of the next Classic at the Vélodrome. ” I wish him the biggest bronca of his career. I hope he understands that he has alienated his whole town “, Continues the young OM fan and Marseille native.

On the internet, too, the fans are tough. You have to take a look at the ratings of the Z5, held by the Zidane family, to understand that the hatred – and the disappointment – seems to be maximum. But let’s go back to reality and therefore to the inhabitants, fans of Olympique de Marseille. And they’re not all so vindictive.

He will be on the enemy’s side, all Zidane he is »

Benjamin, educator at the Chateau Gombert club, explains his disappointment while minimizing ZZ’s relationship to the city: ” in my opinion, who has not been involved in Marseille football since I was little, but later, Zidane is a national icon, the icon of the Blues. He is an elegant player, whom I got to know afterwards. I don’t have this link telling myself that Zidane is Marseille, Zidane is the northern districts, Zidane is football before business or that kind of thing. My relationship with OM was not built against him. But we’re not going to lie to each other, it bothers us. Afterwards, Zidane, in Marseille football, it’s not much. He does not take a position, he is a somewhat soft icon. He never got his hands dirty even when there were the launches of the new wave or the club à la Castellane. He was a bit far from all that. His five, he is in Luynes, the other is in Istres. This is no great dishonor to me. But it makes people talk, it makes them react, it does something all the same. It’s not dramatic, but it’s a bit boring for the man and a bit also for PSG. Because, in the end, he takes a well-marked guy from Marseille, who is quite popular here. Advertising on the Corniche was important all the same for the people of Marseille. I’m disappointed, even if my world doesn’t fall apart “.

Same story with Belmel, who follows Marseille news closely while wishing him bad results: “ the tendency is that he signs in Paris. For me Zidane is an emblem of the city of Marseille, but in no way an emblem of OM. He never wore the shirt or coached the club. At the level of the rivalry, it is present between the two clubs, not between the two cities. There are OM supporters who live in Paris. I’m a little disappointed and a little sad, but not devastated or angry. We know that he was paid millions to promote the awarding of the 2022 World Cup to Qatar, here we are dealing with a state that pushes players and coaches to ultimate offers that they cannot refuse , like Mbappé. In comparison, it’s as if a very ugly guy, who is turned down by a girl he has a crush on, leaves her the black card without any purchase limit. There are many who, even if the boy is not very popular, would accept. If that is done, I wish him plenty of wallowing, like all the other Parisian coaches and he will be on the side of the enemy, all Zidane he is. “. One thing is certain, if ZZ signs in Paris, the next Classico will be daunting.

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