Formula 1 |  Hamilton gives details of F1 film he is producing

Formula 1 | Hamilton gives details of F1 film he is producing

Hamilton gives details on the (...)

Lewis Hamilton has backtracked on his commitment to the Formula 1 film project, which Apple has confirmed it bought. The film will be directed by ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ director Joseph Kosinski. The Mercedes F1 driver will be producing it and he reveals that the work started a long time ago behind the scenes.

“I can’t say too much yet, I don’t really know if it has been announced as it should be” Hamilton said at a press conference. “But it’s something we’ve been working on in the background, and it’s a super exciting, long overdue project.”

Hamilton is already working with Brad Pitt, the lead role in the film, who will play a pilot coming out of retirement: “It’s a really cool project, and we’re working on the script for example, really involved in the script, which is fun. And having a good time with Brad is pretty epic, like seeing his progress .”

“And, yeah, I guess my responsibility, which I take on, is to make sure the cast and the crew behind it represent diversity. That’s something I really emphasized from the start. of the project.”

“Showing how great F1 is”

The seven-time world champion would like to succeed in making a film that pays homage to what F1 is, and that highlights it. He is critical of the films released so far on motor racing and wishes to offer a passionate experience to the spectators.

“If you look at all the racing movies, you can’t necessarily say that all the racing movies that have been made in the past have been spectacular, and that’s something we want to change.”

“It’s about showing how great this sport is to people who may never have watched it, but also making sure that we keep the real legacy and the real spirit of racing in the film. and in the script. So that’s part of my role.”

The pilots will not play their own role

Asked about the possibility of seeing his fellow F1 drivers appear in the film, he does not rule it out for the technical aspect. However, he doesn’t want to assign pilots to star in the film, nor does he expect to appear on screen.

“We’re going to need drivers at some point. One thing that’s going to be important is that it’s not my film, it’s Formula 1, it’s for all of us. There’s a lot of people in the sport who are part of it, who help educate those who want to create this movie. There will be many, many people.”

“There’s already talk about how we’re going to capture some of the footage, and it’s going to require us pilots to be involved in that process. But we’re not actors! We don’t want this movie to be crap. That’s probably why I’m not going to be a part of it either, we need good actors.”

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