Dragon Ball Super SUPER HERO: BIG SPOILERS have arrived - Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super SUPER HERO: BIG SPOILERS have arrived – Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super SUPER HERO: BIG SPOILERS have arrived

The film Dragon Ball Super Super Hero is finally released in Japan, because yes, it’s already June 11 in the land of the rising sun. And since we were at one of the very first sessions, we are able to confirm the biggest spoilers for you. We will try to offer you a complete summary a little later. It goes without saying that if you want to keep the surprise for the French release, you must leave this article immediately.

Dragon Ball Super SUPER HERO: SPOILERS have arrived

  • Bulma will make 2 wishes with the dragon. The first to have firmer buttocks, the second to have prettier eyes (lengthening of eyelashes).
  • Pan learns to fly. During the entire film, Pan is unable to fly, she will fly away for the premiere trying to escape an explosion.
  • Carmine will survive. Pan will knock him out, but the movie doesn’t say what will become of him. C21 appears in the movie, his real name is Vomit. She briefly appears in a flashback.
  • C21 is Dr.Gero’s wife, Gebo’s mother, and Dr.Hedo’s grandmother.
  • Dr.Gero had two sons: Gebo (C16) and Hedo’s father. But Hedo’s father’s name is not mentioned in the film.
  • New shape for Piccolo: Piccolo Orange. Notable changes: He gets stronger, grows a little bigger, and has a logo on his back that comes out of nowhere. It was Shenron who allowed him to achieve this second form.
  • Dr. Hedo orders his robot bee Hachimaru to kill Magenta.
  • The final boss is therefore Cell Max. It’s a Cell different from the one we all know, a prototype in green, red and black colors named, creation of Dr.Hedo. It has no lines of dialogue, just battle cries.
  • Gamma 2 will die in the movie. The cyborg will sacrifice himself to save Gohan against Cell Max.
  • Towards the end of the film, Gamma 1 and 2 will team up with our heroes against Cell Max.
  • Magenta is the one that activates Cell Max. Dr.Hedo doesn’t want to because he doesn’t have control over Cell’s brain yet and if we activate it he will be in fury mode. But Magenta activates it anyway.
  • Gotenks will fight against Cell max (we see him from behind in a trailer). He will fight with others.
  • In a fit of anger, believing Piccolo got killed by Cell Max, Gohan goes to unlock a new transformation during the fight. The name of this form is “Final Gohan”. In notable changes: Gohan’s hair keeps resembling that of a Super Saiyan 2 but even more elongated back. His wick is also getting longer. His hair turns white, and his eyes turn red. The film does not explain this transformation.
  • Gohan kills Cell Max with a Makankosappo. Dr. Hedo wasn’t confident about Cell Max so he created it with a weak spot. This weak point is a black sphere on its head. When Gohan throws his Makankosappo, Cell Max grows in size like Cell in his second form and then explodes.
  • Dr.Hedo and Gamma 1 will now work for Capsule Corporation. Bulma wants to make Hedo a great researcher in aesthetics. That way, she won’t need the Dragon Balls for that anymore.
  • Goku and Vegeta face off in a post-credit scene, and Vegeta wins.

Dragon Ball Super Super Hero is the latest Dragon Ball movie produced by TOEI Animation. The film is directed by Tetsuro Kodama. Akira Toriyama is once again back to the script, as well as to the design of certain characters. The story of dragonball Super Super Hero takes place between the end of the film dragon ball super broly and the 28th Tenkaichi Budokai which closed the original story. The Red Ribbon army once destroyed by Son Goku will make a comeback. The new Gamma 1 and 2 cyborgs, self-proclaimed ” Super hero », will attack Gohan and Piccolo.

For the first time, the film will be entirely in CGI. A first trailer was shown at New York Comic Con 2021, a second at Jump Festa 2022, a third last March and a fourth at the end of May. The film’s official website has opened, bringing together the latest news, the latest videos, as well as comments from Akira Toriyama. The film was released on June 11, 2022 in Japan, and will arrive during 2022 in France as well as in the rest of the world.

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