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  1. Investing on autopilot with CryptoSimple
  2. How does CryptoSimple work?
  3. Conclusion on the services of CryptoSimple

Investing on autopilot with CryptoSimple

Based in Marseille, the French startup CryptoSimple wants to make the simplest possible investment for alland not just any: the one in cryptocurrencies.

Created in 2021, Crypto Simple was founded by 4 finance and blockchain enthusiasts, with as president Francois-Julien Alcaraz, a former computer engineer and financial analyst. At his side sit Dorian Ravautethe company’s legal director, also a doctor in taxation and blockchain, as well as Axel Gillinothe product manager, and Victor Metzgerthe marketing director.

Today, cryptocurrencies have their share of advantages, in particular their attractive rates in the context of decentralized finance (DeFi), which are all the more surprising when you are a total stranger to this ecosystem. However, the classic financial investment being already difficult to access, that of cryptocurrencies is not left outespecially when you fall into it today.

It is in the face of this observation that CryptoSimple was born, an application designed to make investing in cryptocurrencies accessible, easily understandable and transparent.

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With an educational approach to things to support its community, CryptoSimple lets you choose how much you want to investif you prefer to invest in a market rather volatile or rather stableand provides a personalized approach by offering you a questionnaire to better understand your expectations.

In other words, you define how much you want to invest in the cryptocurrency market, and the CryptoSimple team takes care of everythingleaving you total visibility about the investments selected for you and their current status.

Additionally, CryptoSimple benefits from the status of digital asset service provider (PSAN) and is therefore in full compliance with the Financial Markets Authority (AMF) in order to offer its services.

The official launch of the application is planned for the month of July, but you can register now on the waiting list in order to benefit from the first three months freean opportunity to test the reliability of CryptoSimple with ease.

How does CryptoSimple work?

Concretely, setting up a CryptoSimple wallet will take place in 3 steps: profile study to understand your approach to the risks induced by the investment, creation of a portfolio then viewing and handling of it directly via the application in order to have a real-time eye on your cryptocurrencies.

Profile study and portfolio creation

As of this writing, CryptoSimple offers three different wallets: Careful », « Balance ” and ” Dynamic “.

As their names suggest, their respective strategies are pretty self-explanatory.

  • Wallet Carefulfor example, consists of 90% investments including stablecoins (USDC, DAI…), with only 10% volatile assets (BTC, ETH, LINK, etc.);
  • Wallet Dynamicon the contrary, will be more focused on an aggressive yield strategy, with 65% volatile assets and 35% stable assets. ;
  • Wallet Balance, finally, is the happy medium between the 2 previous portfolios. It will provide you with long-term stability with regular profits thanks to its 65% stablecoinswhile allowing you to have a foothold in decentralized finance (DeFi) with 35% volatile assets.

Some terms are foreign to you, DeFi seems too complex to youor you simply don’t have time to monitor the course of different cryptocurrencies?

This is why CryptoSimple provides its users with a panel of financial experts who master the cryptocurrency market to take care of their investments.

In order to optimize your portfolio, and above all, so that this one totally suits youCryptoSimple provides a whole series of questions in order to better understand your investor profile and thus offer you the most suitable type of portfolio.

And your portfolio strategy is not set in stone, it is possible at any time to take the questionnaire again in order to reassess your approach to investingboth to adopt a more secure and more aggressive strategy.

Still with a view to limiting handling, it is possible to directly link your bank account to CryptoSimple, and this of course, in a completely secure way. Otherwise, it is also possible to fund your account via SEPA transfer, and the payment directly by credit card will soon be implemented on the platform.

Note that no matter which wallet you decide to go for, your investments will always be secure, thanks in particular to stablecoins. An appreciable strong point, in a context of inflation and growing uncertainty.

Portfolio management

Once your portfolio is set up, you will know precisely where are your cryptocurrencies invested and how. CryptoSimple professionals will do grow your investments through a broad spectrum of DeFithrough Yield Farming, liquidity pools and more.

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Since the cryptocurrency market is inherently volatile and changing, whether through market movements or new things that arrive in the blockchain ecosystem every day, your investments are optimized on a daily basis.

Thanks to the CryptoSimple application, you can follow the movements of your cryptocurrencies in real time, the amount of interest they will hypothetically generate (APY) and what allocation share each of them represents.

In addition, you can remove them whenever you want, your funds are never locked.

Note that CryptoSimple operates independently, so there is no need to own a cryptocurrency wallet like MetaMask: just register and link your bank account.

What are the different CryptoSimple offers?

CryptoSimple offers 3 pricing formulaswhich entirely depend on the amount you wish to invest.

The basic formula, Onyx is awarded by default if you deposit from €0 to €10,000 (note that there is no minimum amount). This includes things like compound interest, a personalized portfolio, automatic rebalancing, investment advice, and most importantly, no transaction fees. Monthly fee: 0.15%.

The following formula, Gold », for deposits from €10,000 to €50,000, includes the previous features and adds the possibility of having several portfolios, to have access to a schedule according to the objectives established beforehand, and includes reduced management fees, that is 0.13% monthly fee.

Finally, the formula Emerald “, if you deposit more than €50,000, of course includes the previous advantages, and also gives you the possibility of communicating with a dedicated investment adviser. This formula induces 0.11% monthly fee.

It is fixed monthly maintenance feewhich entirely depend on how much you have decided to invest on CryptoSimple.

Conclusion on the services of CryptoSimple

As you will have understood, CryptoSimple constitutes a gateway to investment in cryptocurrencies for everyone. If you are familiar with DeFi and have a good grasp of the entire blockchain ecosystem, CryptoSimple will still allow you introduce your loved ones to the world of cryptocurrencies.

In addition, the site offers a blog that allows you to be up to date news and future implementationsbut also to discover the world of cryptocurrencies via guides, global studies relating for example to the legal issues of decentralized finance, or even in-depth articles on how the blockchain world works.

If you are manual and prefer to trade yourself, interact with DeFi protocols and take risks, then invest in CryptoSimple through the Prudent portfolio could be a wise choice.

In this way, you will be able to build up capital on the basis of the Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA), allowing you to see your investments in cryptocurrencies continue to grow over the long term regardless of market movements.

Although CryptoSimple is a actor of the CeFiand that as such the application is responsible for making the investments of its customers profitable, the latter will really appreciate the fact of being able to have a continuous eye on the evolution and the situation of their finances, the transparency is total.

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Increased transparency through their PSAN status, and optimized safety thanks to the MPC standard provided by Fireblocksfull encryption of your data, as well as real-time monitoring of theall CryptoSimple infrastructure.

Keep in mind, however, that a portfolio’s past performance cannot guarantee its future performance.

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