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Charlotte Valandrey: the sad news has just fallen

An emblematic figure of “Tomorrow belongs to us”, Charlotte Valandrey has had some success in the French universe of the seventh art. The beautiful brunette has appeared in many fictions in recent years. This allowed him to enjoy a certain notoriety.

The actress was hospitalized

Obviously, you can’t have everything in life. Because if Charlotte’s professional life was paved with successes, the same cannot be said about her state of health. Already a victim of HIV AIDS and a heart problem, the actress has once again faced difficulties recently.

Indeed, on May 30, 2022, Charlotte Valandrey had worried her fans by revealing that she was hospitalized, without giving more details. For this reason, she is forced to take some time off from the networks. This Wednesday, June 8, Charlotte reconnected to her Instagram account and revealed everything to her subscribers.

The reason for his hospitalization

By starting her confidences, Charlotte Valandrey made it clear that she was not in intensive care for a history of drugs. If she spends her nights in a hospital now, according to her, it is because “her heart has reached the end of its course”. As you will have understood, the one who plays in “Tomorrow belongs to us” must therefore undergo a heart transplant.

“So I’m waiting for the one who will be my 3rd heart. It can happen at any time, ”said the one who had already had a heart transplant before.

Continuing, Charlotte Valandrey reveals to Internet users that because of this story, she is not doing well on the moral side. Thus, she wanted to ask them to share their “positive vibes”, but also their love, benevolence and their prayers, because the “warrior”, according to her words, is far from to be now.

Of course, the beautiful brunette was able to count on the support of her fans, as always. There is no doubt that the messages full of love sent to her by her subscribers make her heart balm and give her courage during this difficult ordeal she is going through.

This habit that she’s tired of doing

As you were told above, Charlotte Valandrey had already undergone a heart transplant long before this new health problem. A first transplant which took place during the year 2003, “following the damage caused by triple therapy”.

But in addition to that, the actress is also a victim of the AIDS virus since she was 18 years old. Thus, since the appearance of these two problems, the beautiful brunette is forced to swallow pills every day.

And today, it is more than fed up with this habit. In the columns of Gala on March 31, 2022, the actress admitted that she could no longer bear to take medication daily.

“It’s like a rejection, it doesn’t work anymore,” she says.

And if at the beginning, Charlotte Valandrey managed to swallow several tablets at the same time, now she has to swallow them in six times, not to mention that it also takes a lot of effort for the drugs to pass.

This situation “corresponds to a fed up” to believe his words. And today, the actress of “Tomorrow belongs to us” has only one desire, it is to stop taking medication for at least a week, while she breathes a little. A dream that despite herself is not possible.

In addition, Charlotte Valandrey shared her romance with a married man in her book “Reconcile with yourself”, released on April 7, 2022. An old relationship that she agreed to discuss during her interview with Gala.

The actress reveals that even if this old idyll did not last, she retained only good memories of it. Because as shocking as it sounds, it was the first time in a long time that Charlotte Valandrey had a love affair with a man. Thus, this connection has “re-anchored her in her femininity” according to her words. Note that today, the actress is single.

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