ASM : les sept recrues présentées par Didier Retière

ASM: the seven recruits presented by Didier Retière

Job : opener

Age : 26 years

Previous clubs: Toulon (Top 14)

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French international (12 caps)

“For Anthony, his arrival with us constitutes a continuation in his career. He comes to seek the requirement in order to go, why not, to re-solicit the France team. He is a strategist who gets involved, who has a good defense and a good kicking game. We rely heavily on him to lead the team. »

Delguy Bautista

Job : winger

Age : 25 years

Previous clubs: Perpignan (Top 14)

Argentinian international (22 selections)

“Despite his age, Bautista is still a young player at heart. He played 7 as a winger or fullback. Like many Argentines, he never gives up. On the field, he likes to move to create danger everywhere. He is a bright player with a positive relationship who will bring us his energy and dynamism. »

Godener Loic

Job : third center line

Age : 26 years

Previous clubs: French Stadium (Top 14)

French player

“He is a powerful player with an incredible state of mind. He has to come back to us. He had had a great season with Grenoble. He has been less to his advantage for a few seasons at Stade Français. The way we want to use it will allow it to give its full dimension. He is revengeful and is committed to investing in the team. »

Heriteau Julien

Job : center

Age : 27 years old

Previous clubs: Toulon (Top 14)

French international (1 selection)

“Julien is a self-sacrificing player. He likes to engage in combat. He is very invested in defense and has a great state of mind. He puts the community first. He is also very close to Anthony, which counted. He will bring his player dimension, but also his human dimension to the team. I think he will be one of the important players in the collective. »

Newsome Alex

Job : versatile three-quarter

Age : 27 years old

Previous clubs: Waratahs (Super Rugby)

Australian player

“He is an experienced player, very sure in the aerial game and in the rucks. He has been the stabilizing element for the Waratahs this season. In this role, he will give stability in the back of the field and allow players like Alivereti Raka, Damian Penaud or Cheikh Tiberghien to express themselves even better. »

Plisson Jules

Job : opener

Age : 30 years

Previous clubs: La Rochelle (Top 14)

French international (19 caps)

“Jules is a very experienced player who needs to ‘re-challenge’ himself. He likes the game and also has a good kicking game. He comes to revive himself and share his experience with us. He wants to take up this new challenge with us. He will have the opportunity to do so at the ASM. »

Simone Irae

Job : center

Age : 26 years

Previous clubs: Brumbies (Super Rugby)

Australian international (2 caps)

“He’s an experienced player who had been the Brumbies’ offensive leader. He was trained in 10 but has been playing in the center for quite a long time. He’s a pretty powerful player. He is a player who likes to direct the game around him and it is this aspect that interested us a lot about him. »

Interview by Didier Cros


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