Ambition of the Blues, controversy of the hole, Griezmann in the hard ... The words of Deschamps before Austria-France

Ambition of the Blues, controversy of the hole, Griezmann in the hard … The words of Deschamps before Austria-France

The coach of the Blues answered questions from the media this Thursday in Vienna on the eve of challenging Austria during the 3rd day of the League of Nations.

Special envoy to Vienna

The state of mind of the Blues before Austria
Already, I can tell you that there are three who will not be doing the session today (Thursday), Kylian (Mbappé), Adrien (Rabiot) and N’Golo (Kanté). For the match, we will know tomorrow (Friday). The accounting situation after these two matches (1 defeat, 1 draw) means that we have fallen behind. We will think about winning it, then we will see what our opponents do. It also remains preparation matches with close encounters, a situation of the players that you know. Like all my colleagues, we have had to make a lot of changes and this will still be the case tomorrow compared to the team that started against Croatia (1-1, Monday). »

The controversy of the hole before Austria-France
We saw that from Croatia what happened. UEFA have done what it takes to bring in the experts and keep the game going tomorrow (Friday). I haven’t seen the lawn yet, we’ll adapt, but if it’s validated, there’s no risk. We will play on this lawn. »

Griezmann’s struggles this season
I know him well, he has often, and so much the better for us, been to his advantage. It’s not his best period, it’s linked to a part of psychology, physics, mental. He suffered his first injury at the start of the year, otherwise he only had a string of seasons. I wouldn’t say it’s worn, just a little tired. Afterwards, there are collective and personal situations which can lead to being… (he does not finish his sentence). This does not mean that I will question what he is capable of doing. It’s him today, in March it was someone else. He is part of a collective, he is in this group and I know very well what he can bring to the collective. »

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Any coach would like to have N’Golo Kanté in his team

Didier Deschamps

If he is worried about N’Golo Kanté, still injured
I don’t ask myself the question (to select him) when he is in full possession of his means. Any coach would love to have him on their team. Afterwards, on the health of the players, this is the case for many elements who have accumulated more than fifty matches in the season, the bodies are worn out. His coach at Chelsea would have liked to have him more often (this season), we have to manage, him there and me here. »

His view of Austria Ralf Rangnick version
During the two matches (in June), Austria was impressive in terms of dynamism and physical freshness. They are unhappy in the match against the Danes who were successful. It’s a team that fetches, puts on speed, physical intensity. I expect that also for the game tomorrow (Friday). »

The passage time of the Blues 5 months from the World Cup
To be in the nails, we are always in the nails. We cannot compare the periods of 2014 (World Cup in Brazil) or today. The requirement and the expectation are there in relation to the capacity of this French team. As I have already said, we judge the level of a selection during major tournaments. Taking into account that it has always been a complicated period (the month of June) for the reasons already mentioned. Then we’re going to switch (to the following season), a lot of players are going to change clubs, some aren’t there, others could come back, we make sure to anticipate and have a plan B, C, D, E. We remain in the preparation phase. »

On Macron’s statements about Zidane and a return to France
(he pouts) I’m not already responding to what my president is saying, so there… (the journalist tries his luck again) Yes, I know the president (of the Republic), we can try to put her back in white yellow or grey, these are your debates. (when the translator begins to speak) I don’t know whether to translate, they won’t be interested. (general laughter)»


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