a debate on bullfighting outrages internet users

a debate on bullfighting outrages internet users

This Friday, June 10, a lively debate on bullfighting in “Touche pas à mon poste” outraged internet users. C8 screenshot

A lively debate. This Friday, June 10, a bullfighting defender was invited to the set of “Touche pas à mon poste”. Faced with his arguments, Delphine Wespiser as well as internet users were outraged. They denounced a “barbaric practice”.

This Friday, June 10, a new number of “Touche pas à mon poste” was broadcast on C8. This time, it was Benjamin Castaldi who was at the helm of this entertainment show. During the evening, the columnists returned to many hot topics that have made headlines in the press for the past 24 hours. Between Koh-Lanta, stopping the air conditioning, the scaling of Jean-Michel Blanquer or even the latest photos of Delphine Jubillar, the chroniclers had something to debate. However, it is a subject in particular that has caused a stir on the Web. Cyril Hanouna’s replacement asked his team if they understood the controversy over actress Carole Bouquet. As a reminder, the actress was violently criticized for having attended a bullfight.

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A heated debate

To debate on this sensitive subject, which divides the French, Yannis Ezziadi, actor and defender of bullfighting, was invited to the set of “Touche pas à mon poste”. Suffice to say that upon his arrival, the tension rose a notch, especially between him and Delphine Wespiser, a great defender of the animal cause. As he said, bullfighting is “an art” and a “spectacle”. To justify the continuation of this practice, he explained: “The bull is an animal that exudes an oversized natural aggressiveness in the animal kingdom. Besides, I challenge you to find a bullfighting video in which you will see a bull showing signs of pain.” Nevertheless, he nuanced: “I’m not saying he’s not in pain.”

“What’s the point of torturing an animal?”

A sentence that revolted the former Miss France, as well as other columnists. But to justify himself, the comedian replied: “The bull fights naturally. The fights between bulls last for hours. Hours of suffering, and then they spend a whole night with their guts in the air. The fight in an arena lasts fifteen minutes and the suffering is very relative compared to the natural fight of the bull.”

An opinion not shared by the columnist of “Do not touch my post”. For her, it is only an act of “cruelty”. Moreover, on Twitter, Internet users were going in his direction. Yannis Ezziadi’s comments offended more than one. “He tries to defend the indefensible”, even estimated a Twitto. A large number of subscribers to the blue bird social network have expressed their indignation at the maintenance of bullfights in France, and especially the killing of bulls.

“Why not have a middle ground?”

Others, on the other hand, have understood the point of view of bullfighting enthusiasts. Jean-Pascal Lacoste also shares the same opinion as Yannis Ezziadi. In any case, on Twitter, the debate was as lively as on the set of “Touche pas à mon poste”.

Whether you are “for” or “against” bullfighting, many Internet users have had difficulty understanding the controversy over Carole Bouquet. For them, the actress is “free to do what she wants”.

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