The probable line-ups of the Top 14 play-offs!

The probable line-ups of the Top 14 play-offs!

After a great suspense at all levels, the final phase finally begins! The Toulouse and La Rochelle stadiums face off in a rematch and Union Bordeaux-Bègles receives Racing 92. Discover the probable compositions of the Top 14 play-offs.

Toulouse – La Rochelle

The probable starting XV of Toulouse : 15. Ramos; 14. Mallia, 13. Fouyssac, 12. Ahki, 11. Lebel; 10. Ntamack, 9. Dupont (cap.); 7. Jelonch, 8. Tolofua, 6. Cros; 5. Laughed. Arnold or Meafou, 4. Ro. Arnold; 3. Aldegheri or Tafili, 2. Mauvaka or Marchand, 1. Baille.
Substitutes: 16. Merchant or Mauvaka, 17. Ainu’u, 18. Meafou or Ri. Arnold, 19. Flament, 20. Elstadt or Placines, 21. Germain, 22. sword, 23. Tafili or Mallez.
Infirmary: packages last week, Dorian Aldegheri and Rynhardt Elstadt should be available for this play-off. Emmanuel Meafou will also make his return. Santiago Chocobares had surgery (knee). Rodrigue Neti (plantar aponeurosis) should still be too tight. Yannick Youyoutte (biceps) and Lucas Tauzin (wrist) are also absent. Charlie Faumuina is suspended.

The probable starting XV of La Rochelle : 15. Dulin; 14. Leyds, 13. Sinzelle, 12. Botia, 11. Rhule; 10. West, 9. Berjon; 7. Bourdeau, 8. Alldritt (cap.), 6. Liebenberg; 5.Skelton, 4.Lavault; 3. Atonio, 2. Bourgarit, 1. Priso.
Substitutes: 16. Bosch, 17. Wardi or Aouf, 18. Sazy, 19. Haddad or Pa. Boudehent, 20. Retière, 21. Danty or Popelin, 22. Favre, 23. Sclavi.

Infirmary: absent from the trip to Lyon due to shoulder pain, Leyds is operational for this barrage. Just like Haddad, whose knee touched last Sunday does not ultimately inspire concern. Uncertainties on the other hand around Danty and Wardi, both handicapped by a sore ankle. The center and the left pillar are not forfeited, however, at the time of printing these lines. They will be tested one last time on Friday evening. Kerr-Barlow (hand) and Vito (ankle) continue their recovery, with no guarantee of being able to play again if La Rochelle continues on its way.

Bordeaux-Bègles – Racing 92

The probable starting XV of Bordeaux-Bègles : 15. Buros; 14. Cordero, 13. Seuteni, 12. Moefana, 11. Lam; 10. Jalibert, 9. Lucu; 7. Diaby, 8. Woki, 6. Petti or Roumat; 5. Swamp, 4. Douglas; 3. Cobilas, 2. Lamothe or Maynadier, 1. Paiva.
Substitutes: 16. Maynadier, 17. Poirot, 18. Petti, 19. Vergnes-Taillefer or Roumat, 20. Lesgourgues, 21. Trinh-Duc, 22. Cros, 23. Tameifuna.
Infirmary: The majority of the injured have found their way back to training. At the start of the week, a few players were spared: Jandre Marais (feverish), Guido Petti-Pargaizabal (elbow) and Romain Buros (small knockout). But they were not forfeited, a decision had to be made on Friday. On the other hand, Pablo Uberti (ligaments), Cyril Cazeaux (wrist) just back are of course too short. Alban Roussel still suffers from a finger. Christophe Urios has announced some changes from the team that lost in Perpignan.

The probable starting XV of Racing 92 : 15.Spring; 14. Thomas, 13. Vakatawa or Chavancy, 12. Fickou (cap.), 11. Imhoff; 10. Gibert, 9. Machenaud or Le Garrec; 7. Lauret, 8. Tanga, 6. Diallo; 5. Bresler, 4. Le Roux; 3. Gomes-Sa, 2. Cat, 1. Ben Arous or Gogichashvili or Kolingar
Substitutes: 16. Baubigny, 17. Gogichashvili or Kolingar, 18. Palu, 19. Hemery, 20. Le Garrec or Machenaud, 21. Chavancy, 22. Volavola, 23. Nyakane or Colombe
Infirmary: In all likelihood, Baptiste Chouzenoux, Finn Russell and Kurtley Beale should all miss this quarter-final in Bordeaux. Uncertainty also concerns Trevor Nyakane, slightly affected against Toulon on Sunday evening but whose physical tests were rather conclusive at the start of the week. Can he hold his place? At first, yes. In the end, the staff will have to decide between Henry Chavancy and Virimi Vakatawa in the center, as in the left pillar position, where they are three (ben Arous, Gogichashvili and Kolingar) to stand in a pocket handkerchief.

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