the press conference of Deschamps and Lloris before the match in Austria

the press conference of Deschamps and Lloris before the match in Austria

Deschamps on Kanté’s state of form

Deschamps: “When he is in full possession of his means, everyone would like to have him in their team. There have been times when he has been absent. Let’s make sure that in relation to the deadlines which will be ours at the end year, he is in full possession of his means. This is the case of many players who have accumulated seasons with many matches with less recovery time.”

Mbappé, Kanté and Rabiot are not training this Thursday

Deschamps: “Three players won’t do the session today: Kylian, N’Golo and Adrien. For tomorrow, I don’t know yet.” Kylian Mbappé had already been unable to train on Wednesday, he who had not played the meeting on Monday in Croatia (1-1). Hit in the knee, the PSG striker was replaced at the break on Friday against Denmark (1-2).

Deschamps on Griezmann’s performances

Deschamps: “I know him well and he has often been more than to his advantage. Today is not his best period. There is a physical part, a mental part. He suffered his first injury at the beginning of the year when he had a relapse. He’s a little worn. I know his qualities and his mentality, he’s not reluctant. It’s not his best period, but that doesn’t mean that I’m going to question what he is capable of doing. He is part of a collective, he is appreciated in the group, I know what he can bring to the collective.”

Deschamps on the list for the World Cup and the progress of the preparation of the Blues

Deschamps: “We are still in the nails. Today’s reality is not that of September or November. As I said, we judge the level through the major tournaments. Many players may change teams this summer, some who are not there may come back too.”

Deschamps on Austrian pressing

Deschamps: “In their two games, the Austrians were impressive with the dynamism they displayed. They are a team that displays a lot of speed and physical impact.”

Deschamps on the state of the Austrian lawn

Deschamps: “We saw what happened from Croatia. UEFA did what was necessary to validate tomorrow’s match. I did not see the pitch, we will adapt, this will be the same for us as for the Austrians.”

Deschamps responds to Macron’s statement on Zidane

Deschamps on Macron’s statement on Zidane: “Sincerely, I already don’t respond to what my president says, so even less to the President of the Republic. If that can allow you to have debates… Go ahead (smiles) “

Lloris on the system used by Deschamps

Lloris: “I’m not a coach. There are other things we can express ourselves on, but I think we are above all looking for the best balance, the energy that a team can release. We can put any system in place, if you are not aggressive, lack of intensity, the performance may not be at the level.”

Lloris on Konaté

Lloris: “He’s a player and a person I’m discovering. He brings a lot of freshness, we feel he’s very confident. If he’s there, it’s because he deserves it.”

Lloris revived on competition as goalkeeper

Lloris: “The reality is that in high-level sport, competition exists. In my case, it has always existed. It’s the French team, the best players are selected for each position. We want form the most competitive team possible. The coach has to make choices, but the common desire is to win.”

Lloris on Maignan’s performance against Croatia

Lloris: “We are quite close in the group of goalkeepers. He played a very good game, it’s a good thing for the team. We are all looking for good performances. Above all, we are a team , no matter who is on the pitch, we want to win.”

Lloris on the new system used against Croatia

Lloris: “We players adapt and we have to be able to respond to all the problems we may face. There is no preference, there is this common desire to win, you have to be able to repeat the efforts. We are looking for good performances, but sometimes you have to know how to win in another way.”

Lloris over Austria

Lloris: “Since taking charge of the new coach, a new game identity has been put in place. It will be up to us to use the ball well and not get trapped by their pressing. We will have to use depth because it is a team that is used to playing very high.”

Lloris on the state of the lawn

Lloris: “It was hard to believe it. It even looks like a montage in this photo. A priori, everything has been checked.”

Lloris on Kanté’s state of form

Lloris: “It’s more up to him to express himself on this subject. When he’s available, he’s good. He’s focused on recovery. He gives himself every chance to be available tomorrow.”

Lloris arrives in front of the press

Lloris: “We have our backs against the wall in this group stage. Even if that doesn’t take away the good things we were able to do, we have a points deficit. Tomorrow’s game is very important, we have to take the three dots.”

Le Graët’s rant on the “insane” calendar of players

During the General Assembly of the LFP, details of which were reported by Ouest France, Noël Le Graët was annoyed by the “insane” calendar of the players, in particular those of the France team.

“These (Nations League) games are important, but quite frankly they are on a date that doesn’t make sense. This is valid for all countries, even if our players may be playing more than “others, pestered Le Graët. I met my European colleagues and we wonder how we could accept this calendar. It was done like a hussar. The players are tired. We make them take risks. And this n It’s not over yet. Above all, I hope that we won’t have any injuries yet. This schedule is insane.”

>>> more details on Le Graët’s speech

The Austrian Federation assures that there is “no risk” for the lawn

The president of the Austrian federation, Bernard Neuhold, in a press conference: “As you know, there were problems with the pitch. We analyzed everything. At 5 p.m. and 6:30 p.m., we had meetings. This problem has been resolved. The experts have published their report, there is no risk. The training sessions will take place. Tomorrow we can play the match sold out.”

The very marked lawn

After the approval of UEFA, which maintained the match despite the deterioration of the pitch and the appearance of a hole after Austria’s match against Denmark, the Ernst Happel Stadium pitch is not in a ideal condition. Our reporters describe us a very marked lawn. To do with the training of the Blues this afternoon. The cages were removed for the analyses.

The lawn of the Ernst Happel Stadium in Austria, June 9, 2022 © RMC Sport
The lawn of the Ernst Happel Stadium in Austria, June 9, 2022
The lawn of the Ernst Happel Stadium in Austria, June 9, 2022 © RMC Sport

The lawn validated by UEFA

The League of Nations match between Austria and France, Friday (8:45 p.m.) in Vienna, was maintained by UEFA at the Ernst-Happel stadium, whose lawn was damaged, the Austrian Federation announced on Wednesday.

“UEFA has given its approval for Friday’s match”, in accordance with the recommendations of an independent expert report, said the Federation, two days after the appearance of a gaping hole in the middle of the field at the end of the Austria-Denmark match. The situation had led the Austrian authorities to carefully examine the turf and call a meeting on Wednesday.

Update on the Nations League standings

The Blues are only 3rd in their group with a single point, gleaned against Croatia. Denmark leads the race with two wins in two games.

Press conference at 5 p.m.

Hello everyone, welcome to this live RMC Sport to follow the news of the French football team, on the eve of the match scheduled in Austria (Friday 8:45 p.m.) for the third day of the League of Nations.

A press conference is scheduled for Thursday at 5 p.m. with Didier Deschamps. Today’s training is scheduled for 6 p.m., on the (very guarded) lawn of the Ernst-Happel Stadion.

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