Stade Toulousain: which team for the Top 14 play-off against La Rochelle this Saturday?

Stade Toulousain: which team for the Top 14 play-off against La Rochelle this Saturday?

the essential
The staff will favor the structure that started against Biarritz. Several players are competing for a position on the wing. Several possibilities also exist in the second and third lines.

A form of repetition we wrote before the meeting against Biarritz. In fact, the team that started against the Basques will look a lot like the one that will enter Ernest-Wallon’s lawn this Saturday, June 11 against La Rochelle. Only a few uncertainties related to health conditions remain.

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It is behind that the situation is the simplest. The hinge Antoine Dupont – Romain Ntamack is currently unstoppable. And the center pair Pita Ahki – Pierre Fouyssac has grown in size this week alongside the injuries to Santiago Chocobarès (end of season) and Lucas Tauzin; and late covers by Sofiane Guitoune and Tim Nanaï-Williams.

In back, Thomas Ramos is indisputable and on the wing, a place is reserved for Matthis Lebel. So there is still a place to be filled. on the right wing. Four players are candidates: Juan-Cruz Mallia, Maxime Médard, Nelson Epée holder against Biarritz and Dimitri Delibes.

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But the latter is not sure of being recovered and has not played since April 30, the date of his injury against La Rochelle. Advantage for the Argentinian.

With or without Aldegheri?

Up front, it’s more complicated. Mainly because there are fewer people in the infirmary. In the first lineCyril Baille and Julien Marchand are starters with to replace them during the match David Ainu’u and Peato Mauvaka.

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To the right, where Charlie Faumuina hangs, there resides a question mark regarding Dorian Aldegheri. The right prop forfeited against La Rochelle is still uncertain at the start of the week. If he is fit, he will start with Paulo Tafili replacing. If he is forfeited, the latter is promoted and Paul Mallez is a substitute.

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In the second row, there is a big traffic jam between the Arnold twins, Emmanuel Meafou, Thibaud Flament and Jo Tekori. The revelation Meafou could win the bet to have a strong right side of the scrum against the power of La Rochelle. With Rory Arnold? Thibaud Flament (second line-third line versatility) would then take his place on the bench with Richie Arnold. Jo Tekori would then not be present on the match sheet.

Elstadt or Tolofua?

In the third line, it is also the time of choice. If he is 100%, Rynhardt Elstadt absent against Biarritz could find favor with the staff in order to strengthen the pack for what promises to be the fight of the year.

In this case, it would be necessary to sacrifice an element of the third line holder against Biarritz. If it was Selevasio Tolofua (then replacing), François Cros would take place in eight alongside the South African and Anthony Jelonch. What about Alban Placines who returned to Brive but who was absent against Biarritz?

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For the bench, after the 5 forwards and 3 three-quarters against Biarritz, we are moving towards a classic 6-2. A half-scrum (Baptiste Germain holder against Biarritz?) And a three-quarter who could be Zack Holmes, in the name of his versatility. Unless Juan-Cruz Mallia is not a starter and does the versatile three-quarter on the bench.

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