See the first sketches of a revolutionary bitcoin boiler

See the first sketches of a revolutionary bitcoin boiler

Mining bitcoin (BTC) by heating your house: revolution in the world of cryptos or Perlimpinpin’s powder[sic]? Cointribune investigates and shows you all the secrets of a project that has been making a lot of ink flow for 2 years.

The first silent mining system to heat your whole house.

Making bitcoin (BTC) accessible to individuals

We tell them we’re not going to make it?»

Only a few months earlier, the idea had everything to please:

Recover heat from mining ASICs, inject it into the hydraulic circuit of a boiler, and heat an entire house with it.

A flash of genius during a fiery discussion between Alexandre and Camille, two engineers passionate about cryptocurrencies.

A few seconds later, they were drawing a first outline diagram on the corner of a tablecloth in the restaurant:

Block diagram (left) and first electrical diagram (right)

It was far from perfect… and we still had to face reality.

But sometimes, all it takes is a good idea and a dose of enthusiasm to get started.

And we must admit that the project was promising:

  1. Earn bitcoins without spending more than the budget usually devoted to heating.
  2. Securing the network by increasing its decentralization.
  3. Democratize Bitcoin among individuals who want to invest in this asset without training in mining techniques or trading .

Something to interest all those who are burning with the desire to invest in bitcoin, but do not dare after a bad experience in the Stock Exchange, or for fear of buying at the highest. And that’s understandable.

However, the boiler Sato™almost never saw the light of day…

Heat your house rather than your garden

To cope with the enthusiasm of followers of financial independence, Alexandre and Camille founded WiseMining.

Quickly, they structure the company and recruit with a view to delivering a first batch of one hundred boilers as soon as the model is developed:

The WiseMining team is growing to meet a first challenge: deliver 100 Sato™ boilers

The test campaigns begin on the first prototypes.

But a problem always occurs shortly after starting:

ASICS are overheating and have to be shut down every 20 minutes…Damn.

A life expectancy barely better than Gilbert Montagné in the wrong direction on the highway.

The cause ?

Poor heat dissipation.

The classic cooling principle did not make it possible to adapt correctly to the heating circuit of the house.

And out of the question to cheat by evacuating part of the heat from the mining outside to warm the birds!

For weeks, the problem seemed insoluble, and WiseMining was already told to the first followers that the project would probably not succeed.

SatoMk1: finally a functional model

Fortunately, French engineers still have a future!

This time, it was Rémi, a new recruit to the team and a specialist in thermodynamics, who found a solution.

By developing two-phase immersion cooling (a technology never before used in this context), he manages to regulate the temperature of thehashboard.

And by dint of iterations and modifications on the prototypes…

…some resembling the creation of pipe bombs more than the development of an innovative heating system.

Verification of the principles of thermodynamics using a… pressure cooker.

WiseMining finally manages to develop a first functional model: the SatoMk1

Blue SatoMk1: a rustic, but functional prototype

Once the final tests were validated, all that remained was to adapt this prototype for industrialization.

First bitcoins (BTC) mined

At the beginning of 2021, the final version of Sato™ is ready.

Its design, more modern than SatoMk1, fits discreetly into private homes.

Mass production starts and the first batch of 100 bitcoin boilers sells out in just a few weeks.

Do not panic if you do not have the soul of a handyman or knowledge of mining: WiseMining also takes care of the installation of Sato™ at your home.

And as soon as the connections are complete, you can start heating your house by mining bitcoins.

Here is an example of installation in the basement of a house:

Example of Sato™ bitcoin boiler already running

A second batch of 100 Sato™ boilers is being pre-sales for delivery in October 2022. To take advantage of it, nothing could be simpler:

  1. Check if your accommodation is compatible in less than 2 minutes
  2. Make a profitability projection with a WiseMining advisor
  3. Press the “ON” button and turn your heating into bitcoins

Now click here to see if you can start investing by turning your heating costs into bitcoins.

This article is a sponsored article written by Paul Lebraud

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