RUGBY. L'incroyable saison des espoirs d'Aurillac en finale contre Toulouse

RUGBY. The incredible season of hopes of Aurillac in the final against Toulouse

If usually the final of the championship of France hope oppose big names of the French formation like the ASM, the RCT or the Stade Toulousain, this year, a little thumb came to sow discord in the final phase of the championship. Having fallen into pool number 1 at the start of the year, Aurillac was not one of the favorites of this group with, in particular, next door, big names in French training such as Stade Toulousain, Grenoble or Bordeaux-Bègles. But little by little, day by day, the Cantal club built its season. The Cantaliens have found their way to victory 13 times out of 18 regular season games. It’s better than any other team in the pool. Thanks to its 13 successes, the Aurillacois hopefuls managed to climb to the second step of the podium, tied with the UBB. A second place synonymous with the quarter-finals.

RUGBY.  HOPES.  Vice-champion of France last year, USAP flies over pool 2 this seasonRUGBY. HOPES. Vice-champion of France last year, USAP flies over pool 2 this seasonFor this quarter-final, the Cantaliens found their Auvergne neighbor Clermont-Ferrand. A derby which promised to be explosive and which kept all its promises. After a thunderous start to the match and 3 tries scored in the first period, the young Cantalous were gradually caught up by their Auvergne neighbor and at the final whistle, the two teams found themselves back to back. They were thus decided in overtime in which the Georgian winger from Aurillac, will offer qualification to his team, after a penalty passed between the posts.

RUGBY.  ''How to spoil a rugby party'', Aurillac rants against the FFRRUGBY. ”How to spoil a rugby party”, Aurillac rants against the FFRA week later, the Cantaliens found the ogre from Perpignan in the semi-finals. The hopes of Perpignan, before this match, it was 19 games played for as many victories. Led 22-6 during the game, the Cantaliens were the authors of a crazy comeback and offered themselves the hope of believing in it after being ironed in front of 22-23. It was without counting on the Perpignan determination, which, at the 79e minute, after a 90m action and a drop from his opener, thought he had offered himself a ticket to the final. But, on the dismissal from Cantal, a Catalan clumsiness and a huge push from the Auvergne pack gave the possibility to the master to play, Aucagne, to win a ticket for the final. An opportunity he will not miss, and at the end of regulation time, it is Aurillac who takes off in the final with the score of 26-25.

In the final, the hopes of Stade Aurillacois will find those of Stade Toulousain to compete for the title of champion of France. Between the two teams, the ball is in the center. In pool, each of the teams to win the match at home. If the final were to be played at the Stade Kaufman in Nîmes, it would seem that Cantal’s anger has made things happen. The FFR has just announced it, the meeting will finally be played at the Marcel-Michelin stadium in Clermont-Ferrand. See you this Sunday, 4 p.m., to find out which hopeful team will be crowned champion of France.

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