"RTL must regret it, I had an audience": Jean-Marie Bigard still bitter after his ouster from "Big heads"

“RTL must regret it, I had an audience”: Jean-Marie Bigard still bitter after his ouster from “Big heads”

Sanitized “Big Heads”? With his usual flowery language, Jean-Marie Bigard returned, this week at the microphone of the show “L’instant Deluxe”, on his eviction from the flagship show of RTL. The comedian is indeed no longer invited to participate in the show for six months.

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“I was doing the audience”

RTL must regret it (…) I made the audience, I am a very big teller of jokes. People all over France appreciated that I was there“, estimated the comedian. “He’s the best storyteller“, confirmed Laurent Ruquier, on December 26, 2021, in an interview with the newspaper “Le Monde”.But he fell into such conspiracy…“, he regretted in the process. Jean-Marie Bigard has indeed spread in the media to defend many conspiracy theories during the health crisis.

The comedian, who for a time considered running for president, defends himself by claiming never to have engaged in this field on RTL. “I never spoke of politics to the ‘Big heads’, I remained on humor but, all the same, Ruquier heard me yelling at ministers, in particular Agnès Buzyn, whom I called a ‘big bitch’. It was a bit too much for him, he found himself not wanting to be in the picture with me anymore. To no longer want to be friends with Jean-Marie Bigard“. The two men have known each other for many years. On television, they notably worked together in “On n’demande qu’en rire” on France 2.

And Jean-Marie Bigard and his ego to insist: “I know that ‘The Big Heads’ haven’t had good ratings lately. They are losing momentum. I have the impression that it’s better when there’s Bigard…“. From 3:30 p.m. to 6 p.m., “Les grosses têtes”, the leader in this segment, was listened to on average between January and March 2022 by 971,000 joke lovers according to Médiamétrie, falling below the million mark. Over one year, the segment signs a drop of 52,000 pairs of ears. She also lost 49,000 listeners on a wave. Jean-Marie Bigard attributes this drop in audience to the sanitized character of the “Big heads”: “I find that by removing the guys who have a little too many balls, which is my case, it will get out of hand a little on the tea room“.

“There is self-censorship”

A year ago, Jean-Jacques Peroni, historical member of the show carried since 2014 by Laurent Ruquier, attacked the presenter before being ousted. He regretted beingcensored by well-meaning and ‘moraline’“.”There is self-censorship. I’m telling a joke. And Laurent Ruquier said to me ‘this one, we’re going to cut it’. As I say, we are not at France Inter here, shit!“.

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