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Romain Vidal is not going to Paris for Fanny and her love letter – Plus belle la vie June 13, 2022 (episode 4556) | More beautiful life

Discover the detailed summary of More beautiful life in advance episode 4556 of Monday June 13, 2022 broadcast on France 3. Sylvia tried everything by writing a love letter to Romain from Fanny. Lola avoids a fine by inviting Kevin to Scotto’s ball.

Read the complete PBLV recap season 18 episode 4556 of 06/13/2022 in preview with all the photos from the soap opera Plus belle la vie.

roman more beautiful life

Romain and Fanny a new love story?

Find it full summary of More beautiful life of Monday, June 13, 2022 episode 4556 in advance, 3 days before the broadcast France 3): the recap of the previous episode PBLV 06/10/2022 is online.

Abdel Fedala and Elisa clash with Revel over the BTC affair and Tim’s complaint. Abdel asks for a judicial information.

Sylvia asks Fanny if she is in love with Romain. Fanny replies no, she has no feelings for Vidal.

Fanny tries to talk to Romain but his phone rings…it’s Séverine who asks him if he’s ready. It’s time to say goodbye with the roommate. Fanny is sad, Sylvia and Emilie comfort her.

Lola more beautiful life

Lola and Noé the kings of resourcefulness

Lola comes to see Rochat with a list of everything you need for the ball. Rochat makes Lola understand that she has to be inventive when it comes to the budget. Thomas has found the key to the cellar, he gives it to Lola to see what could help her for the ball… or even resell objects in the street. Noah sells hugs (a bit of human warmth) to make money

Barbara announces to Abdel that Tim is coming to live with her.

Thomas PBLV

Thomas understands what passed for Gabriel’s collector’s LP

Sylvia wrote a letter for Romain instead of Fanny… Romain read the letter at the station while Séverine went to check. Fanny tells Romain that she loves him.

Gabriel comes across his autographed LP that Luna bought from Lola for her garage sale. Lola got the boxes wrong, Thomas had said right but she took the one on the left.

fanny pblv

Will Fanny and ROmain give themselves a chance?

More beautiful life in advance episode 4556 of June 13, 2022: Séverine planted in the train by Romain

Romain is back at the roommate, he finds Fanny in the living room and he hugs her. Romain tells him he’s not leaving anymore, they hug each other and decide to prepare a tomato-mozzarella.

Kevin is ready to fine Lola for the garage sale without authorization… Lola offers him to come to the ball as an elder.

Elisa comes to see Barbara and tells her that she knows she is an alcoholic. She tells him that if she persists in her testimony, she will sue her for attempted fraud with Tim and will not hesitate to recall her past at trial.

Kevin more beautiful life

Welcome Kevin to Scotto’s prom

Revel accepted the request for judicial information. Elisa tells Abdel that he ruined everything between them for nothing because the police won’t find anything under the famous slab.

The highlights of Plus belle la vie on Monday, June 13, 2022: what to remember

Barbara more beautiful life

Elisa comes to bully Barbara at her workplace

– Abdel and Elisa tear each other apart over the BTC affair
– Barbara decided to live with Tim
– Lola made a mistake for the garage sale with Gabriel’s things that weren’t for sale
– Kevin is invited to the prom
– Vidal backtracks, he does not go to Séverine thanks to the fake letter from Fanny (it comes from Sylvia)

To be continued the complete summary of Plus belle la vie in advance of Tuesday, June 14, 2022 with episode 4557.

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