Olga (Koh-Lanta) reveals why she did not make an alliance with Jean-Charles and Géraldine before the council

Olga (Koh-Lanta) reveals why she did not make an alliance with Jean-Charles and Géraldine before the council

Olga was interviewed on the evening of June 8 by Denis Brogniart on Instagram after her elimination from Koh Lanta yesterday. The unfortunate adventurer explained in particular why it was impossible for her to make an alliance with Jean-Charles and Géraldine before the last council.

For Koh-Lanta, The cursed totem, the final is fast approaching. After the elimination of Nicolas last week, the ex-greens were no longer in a position of strength as the mythical orientation test approached. This fifteenth episode was also an opportunity for the candidates to discover how much weight they have lost since the start of the show. Bastien, for example, lost 14 kilos while Jean-Charles lost 18 and François 23.. Despite the anxiety after the end of the trio with Nicolas and Ambre, François once again left his mark on the season with a fifth individual victory in the comfort test. He decided to share the luxurious reward with Geraldine. But the latter was already asking questions: how to vote on the board when she promised Olga and Jean-Charles to spare them and she could not decently vote against François and Ambre?

Koh Lanta : Olga, last to bear the brunt of the anti-yellow strategy of the ex-reds

She first offered François to lead the voices against Bastien. The firefighter preferred to wait for the outcome of the immunity test and he was right since it was Bastien who won it and was the first to qualify for the orienteering race. After an injury to Olga which quickly returned to the camp, the usual big maneuvers did not really take place and even if the votes were scattered in the last council, and three votes against her, it was Olga, on probation for many weeks, who had to leave the adventure Koh Lanta. The young woman will have survived reunification for a long time despite the anti-yellow strategy.

Should Olga have made an alliance with Jean-Charles and Géraldine before the council?

Denis Brogniart had the scoop on being able to question the adventurer the day after she left the game, on Instagram this evening June 8. And the host wanted to relay a question that all fans of Koh Lanta arose last night after his elimination: why didn’t she propose a pact, an alliance to Jean-Charles and Géraldine? Olga answered very clearly: “I could have tried but I already know Géraldine’s answer, I more or less know Jean-Charles’ answer. Between us, we gave each other the word not to vote against us. That was very much the question that was being asked. Why didn’t I vote against Geraldine? Impossible, from the moment I gave my word, I keep. I could not have voted against Jean-Charles or against Géraldine. And obviously vote against François or against Ambre, who would have followed me? I know they are very close with Geraldine. Jean-Charles maybe but it was impossible to convince. In these circumstances, it was complicated,” she concluded.

The excerpt in question can be found at 16min30 from the start of the video below.

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