Jurassic World 3: is a sequel possible?  - Cinema news

Jurassic World 3: is a sequel possible? – Cinema news

The last part of the Jurassic World trilogy was released this Wednesday, June 8 in our theaters. From the start, Colin Trevorrow wanted to make a trilogy. But is a sequel possible?

The new Jurassic World trilogy started by Colin Trevorrow in 2015 ends with Jurassic World: The World After, to be discovered since Wednesday in our dark rooms.

Is the feature film which marks the meeting of the actors of the saga of Steven Spielberg, Laura Dern, Sam Neill and Jeff Goldblum and the duo of the new trilogy Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard really the last film of this lucrative franchise?

As a reminder, the first Jurassic World brought in $1.6 billion at the international box office while the second opus, Fallen Kingdom (2018) earned $1.3 billion worldwide. Would the Universal studio be ready to let such a good vein pass?

During the promotion of the film, Chris Pratt, the hero of the second saga, announced at the microphone of The Today Show that The World After was the last installment of the franchise, comparing the third opus to the grand finale of a firework display.

You know, you go to a fireworks show, like 4th of July or New Years, and there’s always the finale, you wait for it and then BOOM, you know it’s over. I feel like it’s the same with this movie. It’s been 30 years in the making, it’s the sixth Jurassic movie and I really think it’s the end of this franchise.

The old actors are back, Sam Neill, Laura Dern and Jeff Goldblum, as well as the actors of Jurassic World, all reunited. Our stories converge in a way that feels a lot like an ending.

For his part, director Colin Trevorrow said that The World After was for him the last film in his trilogy. The feature film indeed concludes the story that it began in 2015, but the latter does not close the door to a spin-off.

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DeWanda Wise

In an interview with varietythe director explains that the arrival in this new opus of DeWanda Wise, who plays Kayla Watts, a former soldier working as an airplane pilot, is no coincidence…

“It was very important to introduce a new character who could potentially define the future of this franchise (…). We had the opportunity to create, I hope, a heroine that young girls will want to embody on Halloween for years to come”.

This statement makes it clear that Kayla’s character is destined to become an important part of the franchise. A spin-off centered on the past of the mercenary with a big heart is therefore not to be excluded. But nothing says that Colin Trevorrow will be directing.

Given the success of these films at the box office, it seems logical that the studio asks the screenwriter and director to leave the door open for possible other adventures full of dinosaurs… Business to follow.

Meeting with the team of the World after

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