'I hid her in my compact'

‘I hid her in my compact’

Kelly Hélard is a pioneer in the world of reality TV since she appeared in the first season of Ch’tis as a guest. Indeed, the pretty brunette arrived during the adventure in order to join Christopher, her darling at the time. She will later integrate the program into The Ch’tis go skiing and will become an emblematic candidate. After three years of relationship, Kelly separates from Christopher. She will quickly find love with Neymar who participated in Beauty is her Almost Charming Princes 2. In 2015, the couple married and welcomed two children, Lyam and Lyana.

Today, the whole little family is on display as viewers can follow their adventures in Moms & Famous on TFX. Guest in AJA, Kelly opens up about her drug and weight issues and the unwanted effects of her surgeries.

“My first weight loss was through drugs”

Like several reality TV candidates, Kelly Helard has just announced the release of his book entitled “All that for my weight” (official release on June 15, available for pre-order). Invited on the set of Sam Zirah, the young mother returns to the enormous revelations made in her book, in particular on her drug consumption during the period of the Ch’tis.

The host quotes: I used speed, a drug easy to find in Belgium. It’s like amphetamines, but made in clandestine laboratories. The effects are anorectic and psychoanaleptic. All I needed: no need to eat or sleep.

Asked about this, Kelly said more about AJA: “I haven’t used for 8 years. In Les Ch’tis, we weren’t much to use, while candidates were in it afterwards. It was taboo at the time! My first weight loss was through drugs. It cuts your appetite, you eliminate faster and you don’t sleep. I went to class and I made bookings. It would allow me to hold on and I would forget what was upsetting me, like the harassment I was going through.”

Cosmetic surgery, weight, Kelly talks about her complexes

Determined to throw everything away, Kelly says in her book that drugs were strictly prohibited on reality TV sets.

The young woman then redoubled her ingenuity: “I hid my drugs in my compact to get through the airport and escape the search of the production. I had started before TV. It’s quite commonplace in Belgium and in the world of the night. I was under the influence when we were filming. I was addicted, it was morning, noon and night.

It was dramatic!”

In addition to her drug problems, Kelly talks about her weight issues in her book:I had belly liposuction which I bitterly regretted. It was an easy way out!” Neymar’s darling explains that she had a shock during an interview with Sam Zirah after giving birth. “I was huge! I saw myself, it was very hard psychologically! I had gained 30 kilos. It shocked me, so I wanted to pass on the billiards.

“Today, I have huge holes in my buttocks from liposuction. It’s horrible! When you have surgery in Tunisia, after five days, you’re on the plane. Infections can spread accentuate. You can clean your house badly. I did it, because it was free… It was a big mistake and I talk about it in my book to sound the alarm!“, concludes the reality TV candidate.


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