HPI (TF1) - This great American actress who inspired Morgane, Audrey Fleurot's character

HPI (TF1) – This great American actress who inspired Morgane, Audrey Fleurot’s character

A star is born !

“Nicolas Jean and Stéphane Carrié had the idea of ​​an HPI investigator, consultant for the police. I then arrived to create the character of Morgane. Their heroine had an Asperger profile. I had in mind a brighter character. My father was HPI, and he was a very whimsical man. I also had in mind Erin Brockovich, played by Julia Roberts in Steven Soderbergh’s film. I have a great affection for slightly exalted characters, with a popular origin, an irreverent and uninhibited side. This is how Morgane, a colorful heroine, who renews the traditional thriller tandem, was born. »

The audacity of Audrey Fleurot

“Finding the actress to play Morgane was quite a challenge. I had Julia Roberts in mind! It is really a role on the wire. With another actress, we could have fallen into ridicule. Audrey brought incredible energy and irresistible humor. She immediately understood what she could do. She put herself in danger, by breaking her image, and made a very courageous choice. Each time she takes over a scene, she tries to surprise us. HPI is really the meeting of a role and an actress. The series was based on this alchemy. Like Doctor House with Hugh Laurie! »

HPI attitude

“In addition to my experience, I have read almost everything on the subject. For season 1, I met with psychologists. They helped me with the raw material for the character. It may still happen that I inquire about a particular situation. I got a lot of feedback. Some testimonials really touched me: a teenager wrote to me that, for her, before, it was very complicated at school with the others, and that since she said she was HPI, as in the series, everything calmed down. Shrinks told me that we were very consistent on the subject. Morgane’s IQ of 160 is almost unique, since there are only two in France! That’s why she’s so strong. She has a superpower! »

A woman in charge

“The Americans use the term showrunner, and we use the term artistic director. It’s a great chance, for a screenwriter, to be able to accompany her project until the end. There is a frustration when we deliver texts to directors who do not necessarily have the same reading. The fact of following all the steps, from filming to editing, changes everything. Five or six screenwriters work on the season, in pairs on each episode. I work with each of the tandems. Then, with Julien Anscutter (he will be co-director of the collection for season 3, editor’s note), we finalize the texts. A season is a year of writing. »

“Police correct”

“Franck Martins, commander at the Lille DIPJ, is our police consultant. He is great, always good advice. And his wife is a medical examiner, which is very convenient. He reads the scenarios and ensures the realism of the situations. »

Interview by Julien Barcilon


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