Here it all starts (spoilers): Teyssier or Landiras?  Baking contest winner revealed

Here it all starts (spoilers): Teyssier or Landiras? Baking contest winner revealed

On June 9 in Here it all begins (TF1, 6:35 p.m.), Axel meets Solal, Laëtitia embarrasses Kelly and Constance must choose the winner of the selections …

In the episode ofHere it all starts from Thursday, June 9, 2022, Jasmine (Zoï Severin) takes Axel (Thomas DaCosta) to lunch at the Table des Rivières, but Solal (Benjamin Douba) is unable to serve them. Many customers are expected for an event and his extra has just let him down. Jasmine immediately considers helping him, but remembers that she has a class in two hours. On the other hand, Axel is free. The young man may not have the level of a student at the Armand Institute, but he manages and is ready to do anything to train. Solal accepts, but the collaboration goes pretty badly. Ambre made Solal aware of the privileges Axel enjoys at the Institute, and the young man cannot help but be jealous. Axel admits to being lucky, but explains to Solal that he didn’t grow up in the kitchen, far from it. Since the start, his father has been trying to put a spoke in his wheels. Far from sympathizing, Solal asks him to get back to work.

During the service, Solal realizes that Axel put white wine in the molds instead of white beer. The young chef asks him to start over, but a power outage compromises the whole service. Much to Solal’s surprise, Axel quickly fixes the problem. The latter explains to him that his father is a mason, and that he spent a lot of time on construction sites. Moreover, the latter hopes to see him take over the family business. Understanding that his preconceptions about Axel were not the right ones, Solal apologizes to him. In order to start off on the right foot, Axel suggests that they work together to pass the Institute competition.

Laëtitia embarrasses Kelly

In the kitchen, Laëtitia (Florence Coste) comes to make sure that the revisions for the exams are going well for Kelly (Axelle Dodier), who still cannot stand on her leg. Annoyed, the teenager tells her of her frustration but assures that she can do nothing for her. But Tom (Tom Darmon) disagrees. Against Kelly’s advice, he asks Laëtitia to find out about the subjects of the next exams. Laëtitia seems interested, but Kelly implores her not to get involved. Arriving in Guillaume’s (Bruno Putzulu) office, Laëtitia finds him looking for the list of ingredients needed for the end-of-year exams. The young assistant offers her help and takes the opportunity to look at the list and remember all the ingredients. Back home, Laëtitia suggests to Kelly that the ingredient which will be honored in the exams is duck. The teenager gets angry. She had specifically asked her mother not to snoop and resents her for putting her in a difficult situation again…

Arriving at the vegetable garden, Rose (Vanessa Demouy) and Souleymane (Dembo Camilo) meet Deva (Kathy Packianathan). The communications manager is surprised to see Souleymane and Deva ignoring each other and asks Souleymane questions. The latter explains that he has decided to move away from Deva in the hope that she will come back to him. Rose warns him. The concept of “Flee me, I follow you” has already proven its worth in the past, but it does not work every time. According to her, Souleymane should accept Deva’s decision to marry Vikash and move on.

Teyssier wins the national pastry championship selections

Teyssier (Benjamin Baroche) came back up. He is convinced that Cardone (Alexandra Vandernoot) pushed him to enter the baking competition so that he would fail and accept to lead his new London school. In revenge, he not only decides to continue the contest, but sets out to win it. Before the second round, Chef Cardone lets the candidates speak. She insists that there is still time to give up, but Teyssier doesn’t give up and tells her that he has decided to continue. On the way to the kitchen, Zacharie (Julien Aluguette) challenges Teyssier and provokes him without restraint. He even goes so far as to tell him that he created his dessert thinking of Constance (Sabine Perraud), which puts Teyssier out of his mind. More upset than ever, the pastry chef promises to crush him.

In the kitchen, Charlène (Pola Petrenko) and Théo (Khaled Alouach) gather all the ingredients for the recipe they have prepared, but Teyssier decides to change the dessert. He wants his creation to do honor to Constance and to prove to her how much he loves her. Together, the Teyssiers manage to design a dessert that lives up to all their expectations. They decide to call it “The Constance”. After the tasting, chef Cardonne announces that Teyssier and Landiras finish tied. She then asks Constance, to whom the two desserts are obviously dedicated, to decide between the two pastry chefs. The nurse is not sure to be the right person for this mission, she who does not have the puck of a chef, but Annabelle Cardone insists. To everyone’s surprise, Constance chooses Emmanuel’s dessert and sends him, along with Charlène and Théo, to the national pastry championship…

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