Foot OL – Victim of a dirty-mouthed offence, Génésio demands justice – Olympique Lyonnais

Foot OL – Victim of a dirty-mouthed offence, Génésio demands justice – Olympique Lyonnais

Since his coaching debut at OL in 2016, Bruno Génésio has often been mocked, criticized and underestimated. Jérôme Rothen is one of the most virulent towards him and the Rennes coach explained himself to him on Wednesday.

This season at Stade Rennais, Bruno Génésio has acquired a form of revenge on French football. Elected best coach in Ligue 1, praised for his attacking game and for his results, he saw his rating go up in a few months. When he was OL coach, it was not the same song for him. However, he had obtained three Champions League qualifications, reached a Europa League semi-final and broke OL’s single-season goal record in the league: 87 goals in 2017-2018. But, ” Pep Genesio “, as he was nicknamed ironically, did not convince. Some considered him too tactically limited and too humanly kind to his players.

Jérôme Rothen and the others tarnished the image of Génésio

Jérôme Rothen was one of his most virulent detractors, in his Lyon era or even since his arrival in Rennes. Bruno Génésio was able to respond to the RMC consultant in the latter’s show Rothen ignites this Wednesday. ” I didn’t come here to settle scores. You are in a different position than mine. Things have been said that hit me “, he launched from the start. Then he hit back at being thought he couldn’t handle big players to justify his success at Rennes in a quieter dressing room.

When I started at OL, obviously the public and the consultants were certainly expecting a big name as a coach. I can understand that it surprises. You can criticize me on my choices or my changes, but what bothers me is the image that was stuck to me from the start without any valid argument, that is to say Genesio is the nice coach who is friends with the players, who can manage young people but who cannot manage Memphis or Nabil (Fekir). For three years I managed these players “, he developed. He finally returned to the media treatment he received in Lyon, in particular from Jérôme Rothen. For Génésio, it was unjustified, taking OM and Sampaoli as recent examples.

We made the Champions League, the Europa League … I was shattered after the elimination of Ajax. I did not hear the same criticism after the elimination of a French club against Feyenoord. […] When every evening you hear on the air with a lot of audience that the trainer is a pipe and that he is too nice… Everyone is free to have their own feelings. I have an image that is wrong. Winning a title might have allowed me to break it. I don’t want to do the calimero. But I dispute the reviews which have always been negative. Even when I was doing good things, we didn’t talk about it. If I win ten games in a row, you’re not going to tell… If I lose five in a row, you can talk about it. Jérôme, you can admit that it took you a long time to recognize that I was capable of doing good things “, he proclaimed. An image changed by his Rennes results, perhaps even for Jérôme Rothen who was very attentive this Wednesday evening.

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