Excluded.  Alexandre confides in his participation in the 12 Coups de midi: "I am emotionally exhausted"

Excluded. Alexandre confides in his participation in the 12 Coups de midi: “I am emotionally exhausted”

Arrived on Friday, May 27, 2022 in The 12 noon shots, Alexandre continues his journey in the game of Jean-Luc Reichmann on TF1. While he has already accumulated 34,450 euros in winnings in thirteen participations, and the mysterious Star currently in play could be won from one day to the next, this 35-year-old nurse, single and living in Orléans (originally from Laval), confides for the very first time in an interview to Tele-Leisure. The reasons for his presence, his background, his high intellectual potential: he gives himself up with an open heart.

Tele-Leisure: What prompted you to sign up for the 12 noon shots?

alexander: It was my friends Lucas and Laura, who often accompany me in video on the show, who wanted to register me. They often pointed out to me that I knew a lot of things. For me, it was normal, and they signed me up for fun. One day I received a call from Endemol (the production of the show, editor’s note) to pass the casting. And I was accepted, even if at the base, I had no pretensions. I passed the selections at the end of 2020, but as I am a nurse, I have weeks of on-call duty, my schedule had to stick with the filming.

What was your goal when you arrived on set?

I just wanted to come to make my friends laugh. But winning the first show changed things. My goal was to be able to talk about my personal troubles, my high intellectual potential (HPI, Editor’s note) and emotional. And my attention disorder with hyperactivity. I wanted to give visibility to people who, like me, suffer on a daily basis. And to show them that we can also be proud of ourselves, because generally, we doubt ourselves a lot. We have what is called the “impostor syndrome”. For us, it’s never enough. It’s still the case today, when I watch the shows, I see errors, and I eat my fingers, because I’m lost in my head, I answer on the side, and it’s very complicated. I wanted to talk about it so that children who sometimes feel out of step, as I have experienced, can also express themselves and that parents become aware of it.

Is it easy to reveal yourself daily? Did you know the impact you could have?

I haven’t fully measured it yet, but I see that on social networks, it’s sometimes violent, as soon as I’m wrong. Inevitably, when you are gifted, you cannot go wrong. But this is not the case: many gifted people fail at school. I was lucky to be on the other side of the fence, because studying was easy for me. I also needed to talk about it for myself. Because for a long time I thought I had other troubles. The day I was told I was HPI was very hard to admit. Because behind, I had additional pressure. I’m just a nurse. Much is expected of the gifted. But each has its strengths and weaknesses. Very often, we are not detected at school. I was very late, at 33, and it’s very hard to be an adult. Today, it has become commonplace and we are talking about it.

How do you explain this suffering?

When I started talking about it, I was told “I knew it”. As if it were obvious. Nobody ever helped me. My parents were the opposite, I was almost considered a good-for-nothing. It was never enough. I had to be like the others, I had to spend three hours in front of my notebooks when I only needed half an hour. When I didn’t want to work, because it didn’t interest me, it was understood as rebellion, or laziness, whereas I just wanted to eat something else. I felt angry, because if it was so obvious, why hadn’t I been told about it before? It drowned me more than once, it cost me places at work, because I couldn’t manage my emotions. I was in my world very often, and it was misunderstanding. I always felt like I was misunderstood.

How do you manage your emotions on set?

It’s very hard, as we record five shows a day. Between the 3rd and the 4th, we are lucky to have a short time. I sleep in my dressing room, so emotionally exhausted am I. It’s hard to concentrate, because of my attention deficit disorder. It’s the horror for me to be glued behind a desk for an hour and ten minutes (the approximate filming time of a show, editor’s note). I am lucky to be accompanied by Yohann, who is the chaperone of the Maîtres de midi. I can never thank him enough, because he always knows how to find the right words and give me a boost.

Is it easy to manage your work with the shoots?

I’m on call every other week, I have to manage with work. It’s not easy to organize myself.

How do you live the broadcast of the programs?

I find it funny, and there are candidates with whom I have kept in touch. All this, I live it well. My friends are sometimes impressed. But I made the mistake of going to social media, where I found a lot of violence. I did not expect that. Being teased for my swaggering side, because I make gestures with my arms… It was a gimmick that we had defined with my friends. In case of victory, I had to do the arms of an American football player, greet the public… Being teased about that, yes, but being teased about my HPI side, it’s hard. It brings me back to my whole condition as a child, when I never did enough. The violence of the networks hurt me a little.

Are your patients following your journey?

Yes, it’s really nice. We take pictures with some, even though I’ve known them for years, they encourage me. I didn’t think I was, but I’m also recognized on the street. I was at a supermarket checkout, when I was not well dressed, with a hood on my head, not combed, not shaved… People, when they meet me, always show kindness. It puts me balm in the heart compared to what I could read on the networks.

Alexandre is back on the set of 12 noon shots from 11:55 am, this Thursday on TF1, for a fourteenth participation.

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