Ethereum: a hacker with a big heart saves 70,000 ETH in exchange for 6 million dollars

Ethereum: a hacker with a big heart saves 70,000 ETH in exchange for 6 million dollars

gentleman burglar – Hacks are common in the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. We remember recently, for example, the Axie Infinity hack or even those experienced by Yuga Labs. Faced with the urgency of constantly improving security, protocols do not hesitate to offer bonuses to hackers. So they can point out flaws before someone else finds them. This is the case of pwing.eth which, good prince, received $6 million from Immunefi for saving 70,000 ETH on the Aurora blockchain.

70,000 ETH saved for $6 million earned

aurora is a blockchain in the NEAR ecosystem, itself being an integral part of the network Ethereum. The backbone of Aurora’s project is to bring blockchain technology to as many people as possible. Aurora, like many DeFi projects, has multiple liquidity pools where users can lock funds in exchange for rewards.

Here our Arsène Lupine web version 3, pwing.eth, therefore saved the ETH (nETH) liquidity reserve which was filled with 70,000 ETH. The flaw was discovered in April 2022, the loot would have amounted to 200 million dollars at the time. The gentleman burglar preferred a reward and received $6 million.

Hackers of the caliber of pwing.eth are often categorized as white hat. These are hackers who simulate attacks to discover vulnerabilities and then denounce them in exchange for rewards.

Aurora Layer 2 on the Ethereum blockchain could have been hacked.

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Immunefi: the protector of the blockchain

These hackers of a funny kind can then find work on Immunefi for example, the platform which allowed our good Samaritan to obtain his reward.

Aurora therefore welcomes this association with its new digital bodyguard. Indeed, it is part of the security mechanisms put in place by the company and which bring results:

“Our bug bounty program with Immunefi has proven invaluable in incentivizing white hats to review our code base and responsibly disclose bugs. »

Frank Braun, security manager at Aurora Labs.

Immunefi, for its part, welcomes this feat which has made it possible to avoid the worst:

“Hats off to Aurora and pwning.eth for the flawless overall handling of the report. The bug was quickly fixed, without users losing any funds.”

Mitchell Amador, Founder and CEO of Immunefi

This is not Immunefi’s first rescue. In fact, the program has won $40 million in rewards and more than $145 million in bounties are available. On his side Near Protocol and its ecosystem are constantly increasing their security to charm institutions keeping in mind their objectives of a blockchain accessible to all.

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