Deschamps on Griezmann: 'I don't question what he is capable of doing'

Deschamps on Griezmann: ‘I don’t question what he is capable of doing’

“Are there any players you can’t count on on Friday against Austria?
Kylian (Mbappe)N’Golo (Kante) and Adrian (Rabiot) won’t be doing the session today (Thursday). We will see tomorrow if they are able to play.

“When he is in full possession, any coach wants to see him in his team”

Didier Deschamps, about N’Golo Kanté

What is your logic on this match: a decisive match for the League of Nations or a preparation match for the World Cup?
The two are not incompatible. On the accounting situation, we have fallen behind. We will do everything to win it. We’ll see what our opponents did. It is also preparation matches with very close encounters. We will make a lot of changes compared to the team that started against Croatia (1-1).

Kanté is hampered by recurring injuries. Does this call into question his status in the France team?
I don’t ask myself the question. When he is in full possession, any coach wants to see him in his team. In relation to the deadlines that are ours, let’s make sure that he is in full possession of his means. Many players have accumulated seasons of 60 games… At some point, organizations suffer a little more. His coach at Chelsea (Thomas Tuchel) would like to have it a little more. You have to manage. Him there, me here.

This pre-game was marked by this episode of the hole in the lawn. How do you apprehend it?
We saw that from Croatia. I don’t have the ins and outs. UEFA brought in the experts. I haven’t seen the pitch yet, we’ll adapt. From the moment UEFA validates, there is no risk. So we will play on this lawn.

What did you think of this Austrian selection on its first two matches in the League of Nations?
On the two matches, this team was impressive, in terms of dynamism of physical freshness. They are unhappy about the match against the Danes. It’s a team that fetches, that puts a lot of speed, there are good players. Collectively, they put a lot of intensity.

We are five months away from the World Cup. Where are you with the constitution of the list compared to previous competitions?
We cannot compare with what happened in 2014. There is always a requirement, an expectation in relation to the quality of the French team. We judge the level of the France team through the major tournaments. This period has always been complicated. Many players will change clubs. There are those who are not there and who can come back. We make sure to anticipate, with a plan A, plan B, plan C plan D… We are in this phase of preparation.

How do you view Antoine Griezmann’s season?
I know him well, he has often been more than to his advantage in Blues. It’s not his best period. There is a part of physical, of mental. As I told you, he suffered his first injury this season. I’m not saying it’s worn out. I know his qualities and his mind too. He does not balk. It’s not his best period, but that doesn’t mean I’m questioning what he’s capable of doing. I know very well what he can bring to the collective. »


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