Christian Millette confirme la tenue d

Christian Millette confirms the holding of Aurillac-Toulouse at Michelin and calms the game with the FFR

The rant and the mobilization paid off for the Stade Aurillacois, with a Espoirs Aurillac-Toulouse final which will be played in Clermont, even if the president Christian Millette had little taste for form.

In the aftermath of the controversy arising from the choice of the FFR to designate Nîmes to host the Espoirs Aurillac-Toulouse final, and which had earned sports director Walter Olombel to shout his annoyance, in our columns and via a press release on the club’s website, the boss of Stade Aurillacois calmed things down on Wednesday, at the same time as he confirmed that the match would be held on the ASM grounds.

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“I apologize to the Federation”

During a press conference held in Jean-Alric at the start of the afternoon, the president confirmed that the final would finally be held in Clermont-Ferrand, at the Marcel-Michelin stadium, this Sunday, June 12.

Controversy over the Espoirs Aurillac-Toulouse final: the FFR sticks to its positions … before thinking about playing Michelin

A decision taken after discussions with the FFR, with in particular a dialogue led by Jean Bessière, president of the association, and thanks to a quadripartite meeting between the presidents of Toulouse, Aurillac, Lyon and Clermont.

Faller of the USAP in half, Aurillac will face Toulouse in Clermont, Sunday. photo F Boileau

“I wanted to stop the controversies, too violent for my taste, which first emerged following a statement that the club made and for which I apologize to the Federation”, asked the leader in the preamble.

It is not our role to attack the Federation for a decision which of course may seem unfair to us, but in any case we have absolutely no dispute with the FFR with whom we have excellent relations. There is no reason to suggest that we are unloved.

“There is no dispute between me and Walter Olombel”

“Somewhere, [la polémique] may have been good because it put some pressure, but it must be done with respect for our institutions and those who work there. Rugby is first and foremost respect for others. That being said, there is no dispute between me and Walter Olombel and I can understand that at some point, those who have their hands dirty go crazy, as they say.

Returning to the origins of the choice of Nîmes, linked to Toulouse’s request to be able to play its two teams (Crabos and Espoirs) on the same ground, Christian Millette played the appeasement by judging such a request legitimate.

The Espoirs Aurillac-Toulouse final scheduled in Nîmes: “We are not respected, we are taken for dummies”

But the choice of the city of Gard aroused incomprehension with regard to the distance between Toulouse and Aurillac, which could just as legitimately give hope for a final within a radius of 150 km around the Géraldienne city, which the elected officials (the mayor Pierre Mathonier first, deputy Vincent Descoeur and then president of the Departmental Council Bruno Faure) put forward in turn, seizing the president of the FFR or the ministry to try to influence the decision, at the same time as an outcry from the supporters.

“The club made a mistake, I bear the responsibility. We didn’t have to get into an argument and then everyone’s work made it possible to hold the match in Clermont-Ferrand.”

Christian Millette (President of the Aurillacois Stadium)

“I thank Jean Bessière who worked on the associative part. I wish that we have a positive message which passes. Aurillac is as much appreciated by the FFR as the other clubs. That our public thinks that too”, recommended the president.

Christian Millette insisted at length on the understanding expressed by the president of Toulouse Didier Lacroix to get out of this situation, accepting the holding of the match in Clermont.

In Millau as in Bort, the Hopes had been able to count on broad popular support. Photo F. Boileau

In fact, Stade Toulousain retains the possibility of having its two teams on the same ground, and with a distance which is that which Aurillac had to undergo to get to Nîmes. For Lyon, which faces Toulouse in the Crabos final, the choice of Michelin also appears to be a more acceptable solution. The times must be the same as those planned in Nîmes: the Crabos final as a curtain raiser at 2 p.m., and the Espoirs final at 4 p.m.

Adrian Smith extends one year, three friendlies for this summer

In addition, the Cantal manager indicated that the club had just extended hooker Adrian Smith for a season, while leaving the door open to a possible retraining within the Stadium once his career is over.

10 minutes out of time that send Stade Aurillacois to the Espoirs final against Toulouse

He also confirmed the holding of three friendly matches this summer: two in Aurillac against Massy and Nevers, and one in Millau against Mont-de-Marsan, as indicated in The mountain Tuesday, June 7.

In addition, a friendly match will oppose Lyon and Aurillac in Cantal, but in the summer of 2023 and which follows the transfer of Beqa Saghinadze to LOU last summer.

The president also made it known that the price of subscriptions would not increase at Jean-Alric for the coming season, and that the club intended to increase its efforts in terms of entertainment at the stadium and to bring in more young people and women. in the lair of the Stade Aurillacois, recalling that the latter already had very preferential rates.

Jean Paul Cohade


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