Can Launchpads like BoostX propel new tokens to the top of the market?

Can Launchpads like BoostX propel new tokens to the top of the market?

BoostX is a new ramp launch (launchpads) offering a range of emerging cryptocurrency tokens that are proving very popular in presale. Firepin (FRPN) has increased in value by 4200% since its initial exit and Quitriam Finance (QTM) by 220%. Given the current market downturn, these are very interesting statistics.

What exactly is a launchpad? What does this mean for these new tokens and their potential investors?

Launchpads explained….

At their most basic level, launch pads are a platform for cryptocurrencies. They serve as the ground floor for the tokens to meet potential investors.

Launchpads provide investing communities with early access to these tokens, allowing them to purchase tokens of new cryptocurrencies before they are publicly released.

Why is this an advantage?

Previously, new tokens only made sales on their websites, enticing potential investors with big, flashy promises. However, because crypto was relatively new to the world of finance, many investors fell victim to carpet prints and lost their money, and as all trust in the new crypto tokens had been lost, this led to a market crash.

Token exchange sites saw an opportunity to make money and jumped on it. They did the groundwork of researching and verifying new tokens and became project partners with them. This verification process restored investor confidence by adding an extra level of security and protection against carpet shots. Now this platform is called a launching ramp.

Therefore, any platform that raises funds for new crypto projects (and allows you to buy tokens before they are initially released) is called launchpad.

What are the best launchpads?

Binance was a pioneer in creating this process and is now the largest launchpad in the world. It has successfully launched 24 projects, which makes it even more reliable to assess and approve every project listed on the platform. Binance does research on token patterns, audits, and recent history of the team behind the token.

Pancake Swap is a bit different because it is a decentralized launch pad, which means it is a DEX (Decentralized Exchange) platform. Although the main objective of Pancake Swap either to allow users to trade tokens and increase liquidity, it has also created its own launchpad specifically to help startup tokens raise funds and grow.

BoostX is the platform that launches many tokens of cryptocurrency new and exciting. For example, Calyx (CLX) is proving very popular due to its permissionless exchange process and decentralized community focus. With many popular decisions and a CertiK audit on the way, this token seems to have an increased chance of generating impressive returns. BoostX has impressive connections to Ethereum, BNB Chain, Solana, and Terra. Have ties to these huge names of cryptocurrency offers potential investors an additional sense of security.

Launch pads have therefore become essential in the crypto world, adding essential protection for new investors. versus currency tokens that threatened to crash the crypto market. With these platforms in place, we can hope to see a much less fraudulent future for cryptocurrency.

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